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  1. Why does it seem like the prices for the same flights are so much less like on Google Flights? Or will they only offer the same price as the actual airline website?
  2. Should I booked my flight through Royal Caribbean? The website says they guarantee the lowest rate, but is there a reason people don't book it through them? If it really is the lowest price, why doesn't everyone use them to get flights
  3. I called and spoke with the cruise line and they sent me an email saying it has to do with the number of ships each port can have on each day...
  4. I do wonder why they changed it well over 400 days out, I have only had it happen one other time and it was changed like a week before departure
  5. I understand they are not required to compensate, but what about the taxes and fees? I should be entitled to my money back for that
  6. I am currently scheduled to sail on Symphony of the Seas April 30, 2022. I just received an email yesterday saying they are dropping my stop in Puerto Rico...there was not explaination...and the slap in the face "compensation" according to the email we will arrive earlier at the next port after that. What gives we are 400 plus days out and why such terrible compensation. They didn't even say they were refunding taxes and port fees. I called and they had no explanation
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