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Two vaccination cards


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2 hours ago, smokeybandit said:

You have a card for each shot?  Ugh, that'll probably cause you more headaches than it should

That's what I was afraid of until I read 👇


1 hour ago, joberry57 said:

I had two cards. I took a picture with both in the frame and uploaded it. I had no issues at check in either. No one even asked a question about it. 

Thank you @joberry57

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I had my first two vaccinations heat sealed in plastic since Staples Office Supply was doing this for free for people in MI.  Since then I received my Pifzer Booster and was given another card listing that booster on the third line.  When I asked if I'd have to carry both cards with me, the pharma technician  told me to just write the info  from my first card onto the second card .  Now all three are on one CDC Vaccination Card

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18 hours ago, SpeedNoodles said:

I had a prompt to upload the front and the back - could you just take a pic of both cards instead of the front and the back since the back is just space for more vaccination dates/lot #s?

I took one of the front of both cards in one picture and one of the back with both card in the picture.  That way it had both sets of info on one pic of both.

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