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Pinnacle status transfer


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2 hours ago, luvstodans said:

I apologize if this is posted somewhere...searched but couldn't find it. Do children get pinnacle status when parent achieve that. I thought no but someone just said they were told yes by a Loyalty Ambassador on Odyssey of the Seas ....

I'm sure they get some Pinnacle benefits while under 18 if they're sailing together, but as soon as they hit 18 they'll be set at Diamond Plus.

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3 hours ago, luvstodans said:

Conflicting information as We see someone who made pinnacle recently saying their children are being allowed at Pinnacle Breakfast????? Is that not a Pinnacle benefit? 


Each ship can make judgement calls based on numbers that cruise.  Royal tries to limit this type of deviation because word gets out and this type of post becomes guests sailing on a different ship and expecting it then complaints reach Miami.

Indy’s Captain dropped by the Pinnacle lounge on last week’s cruise and this type of deviation was discussed.  At one time certain HD’s were known to host a Pinnacle event on the old CocoCay.  Word spread, some other ships jumped on board, others did not.  Complaints flowed into corporate when a ship didn’t.  Corporate looked into this unauthorized Pinnacle event and laid down the law - they stopped them.  

At it turns out there is a family on board right now that includes kids who are Pinnacle on their own merit as the family stays only in suites and they have earned it properly by the rules - by sailing a lot in suites. The kids have been in the Pinnacle breakfast but they are not going into the evening Pinnacle lounge since they are not vaccinated and the Pinnacle lounge is a mask free vaccinated area.  

I know of another couple who have a preschool child and they spent months at sea in suites.  That infant is also a Pinnacle based on their own points earning.   It happens.  

There are very young Pinnacle out there.  

The point the Captain was making is that problems arise when one LA or venue or ship deviates.  They had a Diamond on board complaining loudly they didn’t get a bottle of wine.  They aren’t supposed to but one Diamond Concierge at some point sent a bottle to their cabin for some reason and now they expect it.  When it doesn't happen they get ugly to try to get a benefit they haven’t earned.   Then emails to Michael Bayley happen.   Then corporate lays down the law and tells ship not to deviate.  

Do deviations happen?   Yes.  They are not policy and Royal is really trying to stop them from happening.   Some LA’s have lost their jobs for deviations. 

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38 minutes ago, luvstodans said:

Thank you for clarification. These children do not have the nights for Pinnacle status, (only got them by father's status) and so they only must have got it on this ship because of LA.  This must create a lot of hard feelings. 🙄

So what happens is the next ship won't allow it then they get upset at that crew then they contact Michael Bayley then the original ship gets their wrist slapped.  When exemptions are made people need to just appreciate the exception and not set it as the expectation or begin whining when it doesn't happen elsewhere.  I don't care if non-Pinnacle kids eat breakfast in there.  Doesn't impact me.  Just don't ruin it for anyone else by complaining when another ship follows the rules.  

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