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Hubby and are are NOT planning to get Voom on this trip (we are planning to unplug as much as possible). That beings said, can we still use the app while onboard? What can we do/not do in terms of convenience features via the app? The goal is to keep our phones in airplane mode the whole time, so I am just wondering how that affects what we can do with our app. Thanks!

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1 hour ago, HeWhoWaits said:

Then how do you take pictures? My phone is the only camera I own.

I have several cameras, one specifically that I take on my cruises. It is a waterproof Fujifilm Xp140 that I just upgraded from my old one.  In addition my wife has her camera that her daughter got her from Japan some years ago that is still going strong that still takes pictures and video much better that our phones. Besides, if something happens to the cameras then we are just out the pics, if the phones go there is to much other info there that is to hard recover or that I want to fall into the wrong hands.  

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