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Eureka...I had a revelation!


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In September 2019, I had shoulder surgery. Then, we went on a cruise in Feb 2020. The world kind of went to heck in a handbasket while we were on that cruise. WELLLLL...my husband had shoulder surgery last week (Sept 2021) and we are going on another cruise in Feb 2022. Could this be just what we need to hit the "factory reset" button on the whole COVID situation? 🤣 🤣 🤣
(and to add to my theory, I had my routine ever so pleasant colon cancer screening right before my shoulder surgery, and my husband just had his about 2 weeks before his shoulder surgery 😁)

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Isn’t that the “cntrl+alt+delete?” Lol 

I should’ve been cruising the Greek islands right now on Odyssey to celebrate official Remission from stage 4b cancer but…….it was cancelled so going next October and added 3 nights! 

Now Symphony in 2 1/2 weeks is the official Remission trip so I plan to blow it out! 

Hope you have an awesome time! 

(I have a hereditary cancer gene and have to have colonoscopy every year. I totally commiserate with the whole prep thing!) 

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