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Covid test result with no signature


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Hello all. I’m scheduled to sail this coming Monday. This morning my wife and I both attempted to take our emed tests. Hers was fine and negative. Mine was invalid. So I went out trying to find somewhere else to test.  Walgreens and cvs had no appointments. I found a place doing rapid PCRs. They sent me the results but there’s a line on the results page for a signature but it’s blank! They did put a Dr.s name next to “provider” on the form and the labs info is on it (which I obstructed with a post it note). Will I be ok? All my Info is on it. See attached picture. 


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I'm still confused because I can't find anywhere in Royal's own documentation that says a signature is required.  

Here's what the "updated sailing checklist" email says, which I received 2 days ago for my sailing tomorrow:


Your To-Do List

Get tested pre-cruise:
All guests 2 years and older must present a negative COVID-19 test result (PCR or antigen) in order to sail.

    • Guests 2 - 11 years old: test must be taken no more than 3 days prior to sailing — but not on departure day.


  • Guests 12 and older: test must be taken no more than 2 days prior to your sailing's departure date.

Proper documentation like, printed negative test results or negative test results presented on your phone from an accredited laboratory (no doctor's notes) are required to sail. All costs for this test are the guest's responsibility and must be done on their own, not at the terminal


it doesn't state that the documentation is invalid if it's not signed.  I have a printed version and screenshot version from a local CVS.  there's a space for "provider" and a space for "collection location" which are both filled in.  there is no signature.  I cant be the only American who got an antigen test at CVS on this ship, right?  

I think the confusion is coming from folks who have test results with a signature field and then don't have an actual signature.  but again, I can't see how not having one invalidates the test.  

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17 hours ago, spursfreak21 said:

Mine was invalid. So I went out trying to find somewhere else to test.

That situation is what I fear when we take our tests. Is it possible to order the ones from Emed or Optum, then have the same test (purchased at a store) so if you happen to drop the test or make it invalid, you can substitute the store bought one?

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