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  1. If you have an unlocked phone you should look into Google Fi, that's what my wife has started, plans are pro-rated depends on when you start the service and you can suspend anytime. With Google Fi you will get internet when you are on any of the islands where cell services are available.
  2. appreciate the info guys. "There is an app/website", are you talking about the Royal Carribean app or is this a separate app that you have to download? do you know the name of it? thank you again.
  3. Does Royal provide free PCR tests for Canadian cruise across all its ships? planning a cruise on Symphony of the Seas out of Miami with my wife's family (they live in Canada) and would like to see if we need to take the extra costs into account. Thanks.
  4. Wiping out (and watching people wipe out) is definitely part of the fun (as long as no one gets hurt). Flowboarding is a great exercise too, it doesn't matter how much I eat on the ship, I usually end up losing weight when I go cruising because I'm on the Flowrider for hours everyday!
  5. Going on Oasis in 2 weeks, how were the lines at the Flowrider with 2800 onboard?
  6. Was on Symphony last month and noticed they changed some rules as well. Most noticeable one being they won't help you do standup anymore, you'd have to get into the wave yourself since apparently RC got sued because someone got hurt when the instructor "pushed" that person in.
  7. I bring my small cordless handheld fan with me whenever I travel. It's got a 5200mah battery so it lasts a long time. I use it in my stateroom at night and while I'm eating at the dining room.
  8. Symphony 9/4 had ~2000 passengers, crew said the weeks before that they were running at 1,300. They also said they were about to ramp up to 3,000 in the coming weeks, but looks like someone here already point out the 9/18 sailing only had 1,800 so I guess no one really knows for sure with future cruises.
  9. My wife and I recently watched some recent Nassau Bahamas walkthrough videos on YouTube (we are stopping there in 4 weeks). Some videos as recent as 4 weeks ago still showed Nassau being almost a ghost town (Straw Market not open). I'd recommend u watch some of those videos as well to get a idea.
  10. I'd suggest you call Royal and confirm. There's a thread here i read where someone listed the capacity for Symphony for the past few weeks and it appears Royal does turn around quite a few people every sailing due to improper vaccine/covid test paperwork.
  11. Formal night or not, it doesn't stop people going in wearing t-shirts and shorts.
  12. We did try to locate the Avis locations but they are not near the terminal at all. We ended up walking out and there were plenty of people trying to rent u jeeps, buggies, cars, etc by the port. We ended up renting a Jeep for $65 with liability and collision included.
  13. Honestly I'm not sure how they enforce the max. limit for pools and hot tubs (there aren't lines or reservations). I don't use the pool but I think just like the chairs by the pool they are first come first served. I think naturally if people see the pool and the hot tubs are full they just don't go in.
  14. By Dec they likely will be back at full capacity (crew said RCL is aiming Nov), so yeah the pool will always be packed during normal capacity unfortunately.
  15. We boarded last Saturday at the Miami port and the lines were super long. Our boarding time was 1:30pm and got there at 1:15pm. There were 2 segments to the line though, make sure you talk to someone at the first segment of the line if you get there near your assigned boarding time so you don't wait all the way in the back along with people who got there much earlier than their assigned time. We ended up on the ship around 2:15-2:30pm.
  16. We just got off the Symphony of the Seas with 2000 people onboard. We never went into the pool, but the hot tubs have a sign that says max 5 people. For the 7 days onboard I was in a tub with at most 3 people. I wouldn't worry too much about the limit unless they start ramping up the capacity.
  17. Hi, my wife and I went to Cozumel years ago and we were able to rent a car and drove around the island ourselves. We would like to do the same again this time around but we can't figure out which exact Avis location to reserve our car from. For those who's had experience renting a car, did you reserve ahead of time or did you do a walk-in? And what were the prices if you don't mind sharing. Thanks in advanced.
  18. oh it's just an old habit of mine, easier to spot my own threads while browsing through the page.
  19. Hi all, we'll be boarding the Symphony of the Seas next week at 130pm, anyone know whether our stateroom be ready right away when we get on or will there be a wait even with a reduced capacity? Thanks in advanced.
  20. Hi all, my wife and I are boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September and she's curious how the spa services are run currently. Is the spa open for both vaccinated and unvaccinated cruisers? Are masks fully required for both employees and customers inside the spa and while during services? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.
  21. Nice, the quick turns getting back on the wave would be awesome, more chances to take risks and not having to worry about the queue.. Thanks for sharing.
  22. Hi all, boarding the Symphony of the Seas in September. I'm curious if my fellow Flowboarding enthusiasts can share what it has been like at the FlowRiders onboard with the current sailing capacity. I'd imagine the lines are shorter, but looking at the Daily Planners it also seems like the FlowRider operating hours seem to be less than usual? Also this will be the first time I have to air travel with my flowboard, any tips on safe transport? I bought some pipe insulation from Home Depot and wrapped them around the edge of the board, then covered the front and the back with some foam sheets and shoved it into a longboard bag. Hopefully that's enough to prevent any damage. Can't wait to hit the FlowRider again, fell in love with it ever since I tried it for the first time on the Allure of the Seas in 2012. Sucks I only get to flowboard when I go on a cruise since there aren't any places on land with a FlowRider that's within a reasonable driving radius for me. I'd love to hear about your Flowboarding stories too if you got them!
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