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Plan for the worst hope for the best Symphony September 4-18 21


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Day 6 and maybe 7

I am getting lazy so I will combine two days in one post. By the way about lazy , what about lazy river in CocoCay , maybe something that will start from the peer and will side by side with the 🚃 route ?

Day 6 was another sea day , lots of ship activities to choose from but we mainly were busy catching some sun (my spouse) and resting in the shade update the blog (guess who). Breakfast was at CK , I took the Mediterranean plate (including the so call Humos which is not really a morning thing , but I am sure it's the right time somewhere in the world 


Added to that some french toast, we asked for some vegetables but beside tomato they did not had anything. 


We took advantage of the suite deck again , this time it was very busy as another couple was using it. We were also the only ones who used the bar service. Again we went to enjoy some music , contributing to RCI revenue stream (or in other words playing in the casino and mainly were busy avoiding the stokers (aka Park West) who called me every few hours to remind me I have free money to use). 

Lunch was in the WJ (no reservations are needeed although they recommend to do). Surprise  Surprise the had lobster tails 





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Day 7 a perfect day.

We had to get up early to take our B2B test, how it went I already wrote yesterday so let's just say that I am still  waiting until now to get the email with the results. 

It was our first visit to perfect day , strange but none of the cruises  before brought us to this Island so we were excited to check it out.



The first thing we done was the Jet Ski experience ,it was so much fun as the tour takes you near some Islands and most of it was done  in high speed. We got to see many starfishs , both of us enjoyed it so much so we consider to take it also next week.



After the tour we went to eat some taco's , nothing special but did  the work. As it was very warm and humid day we decided to go to the Oasis lagoon which was quite full but still enough space  .


We took some drinks from the wet bar , dancing to the music (at least one of us) and swim around. The other parts of the Island was not so as crowd  and the water park was almost empty.



By the way Coco Cay is also the only place the crew can get off and if they do not have assignment on the ship or in the Island they can enjoy it.






  Around 2 PM we headed back to the ship , you can see here how hot it was and how one crew member repurpose the servicetray to fight it.



See you next time



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1 hour ago, DanielB said:

I've been looking at the Jet Ski tour and have been on the fence.  Glad to see your positive review, can you tell me how long the tour lasted?



Total 1.5 hours , half hour orientation and almost full hours on the Jet Ski  with some stops. I guess it's already depends on the group as you go in one line 

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5 hours ago, Luv2Travel said:

Oh and a question for you, please: if you happen to go into Playmakers today, could you tell me if they're showing any college football games? I'm wondering what channels they're able to televise in Playmakers?

Here are the channels is playmaker 

ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN, U and ESPN sec. Per what they said they have college football.







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