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Ocean balcony or boardwalk balcony?

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My family and I are taking our first Royal Caribbean cruise on the oasis of the seas in February. We booked a boardwalk balcony room on deck 10. But we are contemplating the ocean view balcony. Any options? Thanks 

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Throwing 2 pennies in the bucket;


Since there are plenty of ships with ocean view balconies, I'd opt for the boardwalk balcony this time. The two main complaints can be noise ( I do think the sliders seal pretty well though) and distance from other venues. Has never been a problem for me and I have enjoyed the 3 or 4 times I have cruised in a boardwalk balcony.

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Our very first (and second) rooms on the Oasis class were in a Boardwalk balcony.  We loved those rooms.  Some are concerned about privacy since you can see straight across to your Boardwalk neighbors but that never concerned us.  We were always looking either down or out the aft (something just doesn't sound right about that last part...LOL).  The balconies on those rooms are very small but they're adequate for people watching and getting some fresh air.

We always tried to stay as far aft as we could so that we had the best chance of having some ocean views.  Unfortunately, since you are on Oasis, you will have the great purple monstrosity to deal with which obstructs your view to the ocean....but being further aft will help with that.  It's a long walk all the way to the back but that's the trade-off for having the better view (IMO).

Of course, there's nothing like an oceanview balcony....but there's nothing particularly unique about it like there is with the BW or CP balcony.  If you do decide to go with the OV balcony, I recommend staying closer to midship as you don't have to deal with the walk.

You really can't go wrong either way !  That's the good part.

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How many in your family? We got a Central Park balcony back in 2011 when our girls were young. It gave us an extra sitting area because even when sailing, it’s not that windy. OV can be windy when underway. 

With that said, we prefer ocean view balcony. I cruise to see the sea. 


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