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Cruise fare includes airfare

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We're looking at booking a cruise, on the itinerary page it states 

'Your cruise fare includes roundtrip economy flights and transfers...' 

Can anyone confirm if that means your flight costs are included in the cruise price? Has anyone has any experience with this? Also, does anyone know (or has done), selected different flights then just paid the difference? 


Cheers all.

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Welcome to the message boards!

The Royal Caribbean Group of cruise lines operate different brands and in different regions.   Some of those cruise lines include flights and transfers.  Not all cruise lines within the Royal Caribbean Group of cruise lines include flights and transfers by the cruise line themselves but in many cases travel agencies will offer a cruise bundled with flights and transfers.  It depends on region and cruise line.

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I saw a similar marketing statement (don't remember exactly where) related to the Celebrity Millennium out of St. Maarten.  When I called and booked, I could get that deal from select cities, get the deal with an upcharge from additional select cities, or I could buy the cruise for less money and book the airfare separately.

From Houston, it was cheaper to buy the cruise and airfare (through flights by Celebrity) separately.

So, like most marketing statements, it was true, but not the great deal it first seemed.

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