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Only reply in this thread when you see an Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!


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On 3/24/2021 at 1:22 PM, Matt said:

Interesting. Royal Caribbean said their prices would be discounted/subsidized. 

Air2Sea stated a $100 discount on our flights. Definitely saved close to $400 for our family of 4 on American in July (PHL) so this was a nice surprise.

On another note, yesterday I was able to look at Cruise Planner but today I get the “This sailing has been suspended...” message. Anyone else getting this?



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7 hours ago, princevaliantus said:

Did I read somewhere about a Health Visa?? Is this mandatory for cruises as well as land?

Bahamas does have one.  You have to register and have proof of a negative COVID test to be approved for entry.  If you are staying in the Bahamas longer than 5 days you have to take another COVID test while there.  I don't know how things change for the cruises -- technically you are leaving the Bahamas.  But when you return you are entering back into the Bahamas, so doesn't the cruise line have arrangements for the return visa?  Or when you complete the first one are they going to have it set up for the cruiser scenario.  I'm interested in the logistics of it all.

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10 hours ago, Matt said:

Yes, a lot of people (including me) have it.  Just an error.

Thanks, it did come back last night.

Just a heads up, for the second day at Coco Cay, some prices are significantly cheaper for our July 3 sailing. Water park goes from $89 to $53 which is interesting. I believe the Beach Club was similar so worth taking a look!

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7 hours ago, Landry_TX said:

What did you do to get the cruise planner to work again? Mine has been saying the same message for a couple days. 

I just continue to try it on multiple devices. It seems to work worst on my phone and best on my laptop. 

It’s working again now for me (on my phone). The “sale” doesn’t seem to be helping much, and now the water park is back to $89 both days so I’m glad I grabbed that at $53. Trying to book any unlimited dining also appears to be unavailable still.

Clearly Royal is still trying to work out some glitches which is understandable given how quickly everything has happened lately. 

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