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Haines, AK? 7PM to 11:30 PM ???

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And the saga continues.... I'm now working on my third first cruise (living in Kentucky I haven't even figured out Fifth Third Bank).  So here I am doing a 7 day Alaska cruise - no more 9 day cruises / Covid is only dangerous after 7 days- out of Vancouver and one of the destinations is Haines, AK.  We arrive there at 7 PM and depart at 11:30 PM.  I can't, for the life of me, figure out what an old geezer like me will do in Haines, AK at that hour - oh, and that is factoring in that It will be late May and fairly light.  There is certainly, among this esteemed group, someone who will make me smarter after reading their wisdom.Whereami GIF by Lucas Levitan

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Haines is new for Royal Caribbean.  The community has been trying to get into the cruise scene for several years now instead of watching ships go by on the way to Skagway.  Unfortunately that means there isn't a lot of experience within the Royal Caribbean user community for this port.

Suggest you fall back to searching sites like Trip Advisor for ideas.  You are correct that the long days of summer will work in your favor for some of your stop there. 

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