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Print Shop Onboard?


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They have a pretty impressive printing press capability on board.

On a couple of occasions I've missed a port or they changed timing for something like going the Panama Canal so they reprint a new cruise compasses for the day and distribute it midday.  The CD usually makes an announcement to keep an eye out for it.

The weather forecast is usually found on the front page and not something that can be printed a week or two before.  The CD staff routinely make changes to events so they pretty much have to be printed on board.

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It’ll be interesting to see how that space is used going forward. 
-many lines including RC and their app have been moving away from printed pages

-menus will almost certainly be QR code’s at least for a while

- Cruise Compasses are there to generate ad revenue especially with shopping destinations. If for the short or long term only RC sponsored excursions will be allowed, there won’t be Venturing off to go shopping on your own. 

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On some ships there are inserts, sometimes half width, sometimes full width, so while it' isn't a full printing press that can do anything a full press shop can produce, it probably also does the MDR menus, pub menus, etc. and it can print off several thousand so I don't thinks it's a fancy laser printer in the CD's office.   I don't imagine it's a room full of gear either.  

The app struggled to be accurate which I think was a resource issue.  Towards the end of 2019 and early 2020 they put dedicated crew on each ship to manage the digital content.  I think the CD staff simply didn't have the hours in the day to update paper compasses and update the app to keep everything in sync.  This led to activities like Captain's Corner being in the app on the wrong day, wrong venue or wrong time while the paper compass was always correct.  CK menus were in the app wrong and the CK manager commented how she would have bring it to their attention again, like she has been struggling with that department and getting corrections made in the app.  

Without a pandemic I would have said the paper compass had a long future but maybe now they'll refocus more energy to electronic guides on cabin TVs and in the app.

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