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FCC canceled

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Just trying to get my ducks in a row in case this happens

Our may cruise was canceled we took the future cruise credit and booked for October.

What happens if were canceled again do we get the option of a refund or are we forced to take another FCC?

We took the cruise planner credit as well. I'm assuming there's not a shot in hell we'd get a refund for that but we won't be cruising in 2021 due to hopping to be starting our family

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I believe you will get the original FCC back and then the option of 100% refund or 125% FCC (assuming the current deal applies) for any money that you have paid over and above (e.g. the deposit if you paid this before RCCL recently changed the terms to allow this to also be covered by using FCC).

As for cruise planner credit, I doubt that you will be able to get that refunded in cash; I expect instead that it will be re-credited in the same way as the cruise fare FCC.

In short, my understanding is that any FCC will be credited back to re-use and any cash paid will be subject to the choice of 100% refund or 125% FCC.

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51 minutes ago, princevaliantus said:

You will be entitled to ONLY ONE FCC or a refund. RCCL will not honor the original FCC if it's cancelled again per their C.S. Rep.


Not sure the CS rep gave you the correct information regarding honouring the original FCC:



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10 hours ago, Kcusack89 said:

Geeze that's still confusing. Well guess all I can hope for is that they extend the date to 2022 bc we will be screwed next year

Very confusing I agree. There are so many questions I have about FCC I don't know where to start. Our May Oasis cruise cancelled, got FCC and use it to pay off a rescheduled cruise for Sept. Still have 1,300 in FCC left over. I am certain our Sept cruise is going to be cancelled. Now what happens to my left over FCC? What happens to the Sept cruise? More FCC or they just throw it back into the original FCC making it whole again? Yes, confused, I am confused. 

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Something I've always preached - keep detailed notes regarding FCC.  

Always request copies of invoices, at time of original booking, with every change and after any FCC is applied, ask for another invoice.

Even my TA has grown confused when I had several FCC in play.  Without detailed notes it's easy to lose track of them especially when something else changes down the road.

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2 minutes ago, Kcusack89 said:

So my TA called royal today and they said if royal cancels the cruise then I am eligible for a 100% refund.....literally everything you guys have said is opposite that. I'm so lost ?

This has been the case from the beginning.  Choose 100% refund or 125% FCC.

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1 hour ago, Kcusack89 said:

Even if I used a FCC for my booking?

You get 100% refund of the cash you paid for the cruise, which would be the taxes and fees, prepaid gratuities, travel protection, and cruisefare amount in excess of the FCC that you applied.  The FCC gets reissued or reinstated.

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