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Haven’t seen any reference to this and it is not set in stone but there is some good news.  A group of researchers at Oxford had been working on vaccines and the timing of this pandemic has helped speed some things up for them.  They were able to take some established work and quickly modified things specific to this virus to get a head start.  That coupled with the world focus on this disease has provided them some additional support/funding and “fast track” pathways for approval.  If things progress then predictions are a vaccine could be ready by September.




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Hope for the best, but we shouldn't get overconfident.  September would be amazingly fast and even if it were approved by then, it would be months until it could be rolled out on any large scale.  Sometime next year is probably a lot more likely.  I heard Dr. Fauci say January 2021 this morning.  By then, it's likely that more than half of us will have had the virus.

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I just really hope thorough testing is done during fast tracking with comparisons to placebo groups and other treatments via a meta analysis.......Please do not construe this as doubting their medical acumen and care, but I think the world's governments will most likely push this to the forefront as soon as possible.....

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