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Tell me about Atlantis Please

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1. How do we get there and back from/to the port?

1a. Is any transportation method safer than another?

1b. What about reliability? 

Once there, we would be interested in seeing the aquariums and casino. 

2. Do we need day passes for this? 

3. If so where is the best place to purchase them?

4. How long will it take us to see all of the aquarium features (we would be moving along at a moderate pace, not stopping to read all of the information posted)?

5. Is USD accepted everywhere at Atlantis and the transportation method to/from, or will we need to exchange our money?


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1: Right outside the Port Entry. Taxis galore. 
1A: All are nuts. They drive like maniacs. If you have small children, hold them tight. 

1B: Reliable = yes. They will get you to the resort from the cruise port and back.

2. Yes & they are expensive. 
3. We have purchased online from a google search and also purchased at the resort. I recall $185/pp.

4. 1/2hr to 45 min

5. USD all the way. 

**** Note: Atlantis is a huge tourist trap and it’s really expensive. IMHO not worth the hassle. There are better ways to enjoy a day in Nassau. 


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RCCL usually offers a shore excursion to view "the Dig" and the rest of the aquarium.  Check your cruise planner.  Includes transportation to and from Atlantis.  Cost less than $100 per person.  Currently listed for $55.99 on my up coming cruise. 

Atlantis also has a beach break for about $70 pp.  Includes access to aquarium and I think includes a fast food lunch.  You can purchase on their web site.  Does not include transportation.

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I would edit the above answers, 

You need day passes to view the aquariums, but they are not 185pp. You can book day passes online directly through the Atlantis resort web page, or you can book through Royal Caribbean, its their "Discover Atlantis:Marine Life Magic" excursion which for one of my upcoming sailings is 59pp and includes transportation. A quick look at the web page for Atlantis resort, you can book through them for around $40pp, but you need to arrange your own transportation. 

If you plan on doing the water park as well, that is when the price jumps. I see in your OP it looks like you want to check out the casino and the Aquarium only(the dig), this does not take long at all. There are many different marine exhibits spread out on the property and that can take some time if you want to go through them all.

marine habitat map

Each letter is a marine exhibit

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@Mikeb1892 Not sure if we are in the minority here but we have visited Atlantis at least 5 times over the years, resort direct once & cruise ship excursions. We usually always grab a cab when visiting from our ship. We personally have visited with Resort for the day passes as well as just popping over and visiting on our own which can easily be done with the grounds being so expansive, depending on the time of year and the amenities you seek you can book a room at the "Beach club" cheapest rooms and enjoy a bit more upgraded amenities that come with the room, but you really don't have to depends what is cheaper.  Our personal experience is we will not go back, (and each time we visit with a refreshed positive vacation attitude) we are a family of three (teenage daughter) and honestly because they are so popular it seems as if they don't care about hospitality any more. Even when we paid a great deal for a cabana etc we found the experience severely lacking. To add insult to injury there seems to be a battle between the day guests and hotel guests, we found others to be so rude and sadly when the attitude all over is day visitors are not really wanted it does impact your enjoyment especially if the huge resort is crowded. Maybe go in with low expectations & pay minimal if anything and you can derive enjoyment. We kept thinking maybe it was just a bad day or a not so warm group of fellow people, but alas we finally said enough. You can taxi ride over, visit the casino, grab a bite and walk through the Dig and such for no extra money I do believe. See for yourself before you plunk down hard earned money in our humble opinion. Whatever you choose ENJOY!

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My husband and I did a guided tour of the aquarium and it was fantastic. Our tour guide was hilarious. After the tour you are free to wander back though at your own pace. After that we walked outside and onto the beach. Some parts were obviously part of the hotel behind them, but no one ever hassled us. Once you get past Rio (I think?), you are on the public beach, where a very nice man will chop the top off a coconut and fill it with booze (all day long) for $20! We have done this twice and are never disappointed, especially now that a second nice man will walk by and offer you a cuban cigar for less than $20.

We took a sketchy taxi, that I thought would break down over the bridge the first time (it died, but made it safely). Transportation was provided the second time (with tour), it was a very safe bus. The tour took at least an hour, I don't remember for sure because we went back though for a while and coconut drinks..... I think the tour was like $40 per person (well worth it) and was booked through RC. You don't need anything special to use casino, they want your money. USD is accepted, however, if you have fresh bills they give you a really hard time about how long it takes for the ink to disappear. 


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57 minutes ago, Mikeb1892 said:

Are the taxis regulated by some form of government? What is the chance that we'll be robbed? What about water taxis? 

Unlikely you will be robbed. You get in a taxi at the port (heavy police presence) and Atlantis is safe. Yes there is a water taxi option but I’ve never done it. I would be more concerned about their driving skills then I would be getting robbed while entering or exiting a taxi. 

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I go to Atlantis both through cruises and flying there for a vacation. The cheapest way to go off a cruise ship is to call the casino at Atlantis and request a room at beach tower, most of the time it’s free. I paid $140 for 2 adults and one child to go there for the day. They charge you for two nights ( basically just the service fee and maid fee) ,we got to Atlantis around 9am and left at 1pm due to our ship having to leave at 2pm. If you gamble with other casinos (m life or total rewards) let them know that on the phone and just say your coming in for a short trip and wanted to see what kind of a offer you can get to stay on property while you gamble. If you do go over there it might  worth it to you to sign up for a players card in the casino because you will start getting complimentary mailers for beach tower. 

Atlantis it’s self is very nice and safe. The water park is a ton of fun. We really enjoy going there but it was a lot of work for the short amount of time this past cruise. So we won’t do that again unless we don’t leave port until dinner time. 

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RCI shore excursion to Atlantis used to include the water taxi.  I do not know if it still does.  

You left from outside the terminal building, traveled over to Atlantis dock.  Took about 30 minutes.  You got a little tour along the way.  The walk to Atlantis is a little ways, but not impossible 5-10 minutes.  I don't recall how often the taxi left Atlantis.  Every 30 minutes I think, but could be wrong.

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