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Hurricane Dorian Relief Signage

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If you’ve been following the events of the past few days, you’ve probably seen the huge relief efforts being made by Royal Caribbean to provide aide in The Bahamas. Something that may have gone unnoticed, however, is the interesting signage attached to the crates of supplies leaving Florida ports. The signs say “Relief Supplies” accompanied by the six logos of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. cruise lines. Except not quite. The fifth logo seen on this signage is that of “SkySea Cruise Line”, which was 35% owned by RCCL between the years of 2016 and 2018. In March 2018, they announced that the final sailing for this brand will be in August 2018, and the brand has subsequently been “closed”. Therefore, why would it be on this signage? My best guess is that this is an old template from the last hurricane relief efforts by RCCL, from at least one year ago, and it was not edited or reviewed. In fact, it is almost definitely from before July 2018, the month in which RCCL bought a 67% share in Silversea Cruises, who are not mentioned on this sign. It’s not a huge deal, simply overlooked, but it is interesting to see that it was missed, even with such a simple fix of replacing SkySea Cruise Line with Silversea Cruises. Let me know what you think of this slight mistake in their signage. Also, I’d just like to say how incredible and prompt their generous response to this disaster has been. A huge well done to Royal Caribbean and all those raising funds to go towards these relief efforts!


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1 hour ago, Fuzzywuzzy said:

What veteran has not seen this at the bottom of some paperwork: "Previous Editions Of This Form May Be Used". Same procedure going on here. 

I think I’ve seen that on every military form I ever encountered! It’s pretty much the basis for my first reply to this topic! 😆

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