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Grand Gayman Sting Ray City options


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Hi, we are going on Adventures of the Seas in November. We want to do a sting ray city excursion in Grand Cayman, since we have never done it and looking to book through Royal. We narrowed down to the following options:

-Catamaran Sail and Sting Ray City: GCC7 

-Sting Ray City and Starfish Point: GCS1

-Deluxe Sting Ray City: GCI3

It will be me, my 8 year old daughter and my 70 year old father. Sting Ray City is a must for me and my daughter. Starfish point was just something cool for the kid. Is there a clear winner of the 3 options above? 

I have also heard of high winds and rough seas canceling excursions, how will this be in November?

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We have done sting ray city twice, loved it both times.

We booked the Stingray and Catamaran the first time through Royal, but the seas were to rough so they made it into only the deluxe stingray.  Yes we were refunded the difference or had the option to cancel.  We went, pretty crowded boat.

2nd time we went on our own tour, believe it was Captain Marvin's, but it was much better.  The other big name Moby Dick tours.

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We did one that was dolphin and stingrays.  Highly recommend!  The only piece of information to pass along is that it can get windy and wavy at the stingrays so will want to be a decent swimmer IMO.  It is a bit busy with lots of boats and people there but it was manageable.  We made a short video of the stingray area if you want a better idea of what it is like.  Happy to answer any questions!  


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We did snorkeling & Sting ray city a few years ago with our 7 & 10 yr olds. We loved it! We were able to pet & feed the stingrays!

We decided to book with a 3rd party. We just got off the ship & there were TONS of people selling the same excursions for a fraction of the price! We paid $30 each & used a CC to pay. The excursion lasted 3-4 hrs & we had time to eat at Hard rock Cafe afterwards. If your 8 year old isn't a great swimmer I'd suggest a life vest. Our boat had them.

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