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Bob Peterson

What happens if?

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When we schedule a cruise it's usually  many months in advance. We do our homework with regard to cruise line, destinations, excursions, pricing etc. But, what happens if something happens?

I know we didn't think about this when we scheduled our cruise for the last week in April on Independence of the Seas. We chose Royal Caribbean because my daughter has taken cruises on this line and been very satisfied. In our case things didn't start out so good. Approximately one month before departure my wife was diagnosed with a very aggressive breast cancer. The Dr. said that the cruise was out of the question, "I hope you have trip insurance", which we did. 

What we did not understand is that trip insurance covers what the cruise line does not. This is based upon when the cruise was cancelled and why. The cruise line prorates the amount of refund that the trip insurer is to refund. This starts with the total amount of the trip minus drink package, third party excursions, etc., and, also minus the percentage based on time of cancellation before date of boarding. Royal Caribbean refunds the amount of the charges listed on the trip itinerary minus the deposit, usually $200.00, minus the percentage that AON (the trip insurance company) is responsible for. They also refund taxes, gratuities etc. The amount of money refunded can be less than you expected. Which brings us back to what happens if.....

In the final analysis if something goes off the rails you are at the mercy of the corporation behind the fancy boat and colorful marketing. How did Royal Caribbean fair?  The bottom line is very well.

There was some initial misunderstanding which required calling the conflict resolution department. Soloman and his supervisor were great. They listened to my concerns took a look at the records and realized there was an error on their computations and within days refunded an additional 349.00.  My hats off to Royal Caribbean and the conflict resolution group for taking a step back and doing the right thing. This relieved some stress during an already stressful time. Thanks again. Hopefully, if things go well the entire family will be taking a "Recovery Cruise" and yes it will be on Royal Caribbean.


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3 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Very sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis, Bob.  That has to be horrifying in so many different ways...

Glad to hear that your cancellation and refunds were <finally> resolved satisfactorily and here is to your wife's speedy and full recovery.

God speed.

@Bob Peterson, prayers are with you.  @WAAAYTOOO, well said!!


3 hours ago, Sweety said:

I had breast cancer twice. I wished your your wife a speedy recovery. Please do everything the doctor says and get the rest.

@Sweety, Prayers for you also. Here's hoping it's all in the past.

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