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Question about VOOM-what does one device mean?

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Another question...this time about VOOM

I purchased the surf and stream internet package for one device while it was recently on sale for $12 a day.  I’ve read some conflicting details online.  Something I read today (from 2018) said that the one device means one device at a time on WiFi. I was under the impression that it meant one and only ONE device can access the WiFi. Is the device I sign in with the first time the only one that will be able to access the internet or can I switch between my phone and iPad as long as I don’t try to use both at the same time. I am sailing on Saturday on Grandeur...out of Baltimore. 

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It means one device at any given time. If you have a phone and a laptop only one device can be connected to the WiFi at any given time. You connect to the WiFi using the access code you will receive when you get to your cabin. If you want to disconnect one device and connect another you need to open a web browser on the connected device and go to "logoff.com" in order to allow another device to connect. Just disconnecting from the WiFi won't work.

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There is a logoff command and a login (I think) command that is done through your browser so as long as you this you should be ok, but if you fail to log off device 1 before using device 2 you will have a problem.

My wife does this constantly if we only get 1 device, she mainly uses her iPad but some times needs her phone, so she just log the iPad out and then log's her phone in. We been on enough cruise's that her devices know the wifi so it's usually pretty easy.

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