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  1. We just finished a 12 day cruise on Grandeur. We took the two bottles of wine allowed in our carryon bags. During the security check before boarding, they asked to see the wine bottles so they could be sure it was wine we were taking on. The bottles were packed in the bottom of my husbands carry on bag...so that was a bit inconvenient to drag them out. Neither of us are drinkers, really...just now and then. Turns out we didn’t even open the wine and brought it home with us.
  2. i understand what you are saying....and I know we are paying roughly 15 dollars a day each as a tip already. I guess I was looking for some kind of scale like we have at restaurants on land. Based on the amount of the bill. 15% being the rough standard for satisfactory service. I’ve been surprised...or I probably should say I had forgotten...how many hands have been extended for a tip on these shore excursions. The one excursion we had a fifty dollar bill and three ones at the end of the (short) trip. Let’s just say from the expression on the drivers face that he was not happy with that amount
  3. Today is day 10 of a 12 day cruise on grandeur. We had the my time dining...same waiter and assistant every night. They did a really good job and I would like to tip them. How much should we tip? It was just the two of us.
  4. You’ve been so helpful. Thank you so much.
  5. There is a sign when you go into the solarium on grandeur...that you can’t save chairs. It says tha the missing belongings will be at the towel station
  6. A couple of the tours we wanted are booked and the ones that are left are really not worth the price to us. Any ideas about what to do kind of ad hoc in St Croix? On Wednesday. This Wednesday. I am typing this from somewhere out in the wavy blue on grandeur. Two more sea days then that is our first port of call. Nothing too strenuous...although neither of us really have mobility issues. Enjoying the cruise immensely so far. Today is windy and raining here and there but still having a great time.
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. This board has been very helpful.
  8. I sail the day after tomorrow so I will quit asking all these questions. Can I use a glade plug in in the cabin? I know it will take up one of the two outlets but are there rules against it for maybe fire prevention reasons?
  9. Another question...this time about VOOM I purchased the surf and stream internet package for one device while it was recently on sale for $12 a day. I’ve read some conflicting details online. Something I read today (from 2018) said that the one device means one device at a time on WiFi. I was under the impression that it meant one and only ONE device can access the WiFi. Is the device I sign in with the first time the only one that will be able to access the internet or can I switch between my phone and iPad as long as I don’t try to use both at the same time. I am sailing on Saturday o
  10. Thank you. That makes me feel better...and if there was something up with the ship I supose it would be good to know before we set sail
  11. We are sailing out of Baltimore on Saturday for a 12 day cruise to the southern caribbean. Originally boarding time started at 11:30. I received the following in an email just a few minutes ago. Is this something to be concerned about? I have visions of them finding something that prevents or delays the cruise. This is my third cruise. First one on Royal Caribbean. Dear Guest, We would like to provide you with important information for your upcoming Grandeur of the Seas cruise departing on April 6th, 2019. The U.S. Coast Guard will be conducting a mandatory routine inspectio
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