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Review Labadee Dragon's Fire Flight Line

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In Labadee, my 19 yo, 15 yo and I participated in the Dragon Fire Flight Line.  We have done Dragon's Breath Flight Line in the past and we were eager to try something new.  The biggest difference between the two zip lines is the position going down.  The Fire has one in a Superman prone position and in a seated position on the Breath line.  While both were fun, we all agreed that the Dragon's Fire Flight Line was superior to the Dragon's Breath.

We pre-booked this excursion in October for our March spring break on sale at $79 each.  You can pay as much as $129 each.  I find that the earlier booked, the more choices of times.  The weight for this excursion if 75-275 lbs.  If you are close to either end, I suggest you book earlier in the day as the wind may pick up in the afternoon and weight changes could occur. I also like booking early as we have time to spend the rest of the day at the beach.  Minimum height is 48 inches and all participants need to wear strap sandals or shoes, shirt and shorts.

I booked an 8:30 time and our ticket had a meeting time of 8:00.  After signing a waiver, each of us was weighed and given a wristband.  At 8:20, we boarded the truck to go up to the mountain.  This is different than Dragon's Breath where you get your gear and head to the practice center.  No practice on Fire!

Up top, you notice the two different platforms.  In a typical RC move, Fire is slightly longer than Breath however Fire only has 2 lines whereas Breath has 5.  The line on the left is the Fire, on the right is the bridge to the Breath and you can see the fence for the uphill section of Dragon's Tail Coaster.DF820449-8BE3-4964-8CCF-7195073EC11F.thumb.jpeg.290e693c59046a676f6602969ed5dd90.jpeg


Now we put on helmets and the gear.  You are essentially hooked up to a mat (for a lack of better words) that starts at your upper chest and ends at your feet.  Your arms are out and can move freely up, sideways or to your hips.  The guide explains the 2 positions:  Rocket with your arms at your hips or Superman arms out like at T.  Landing position is to tuck your chin to your chest and cross arms.  The guide will tell you which position based on your weight and break people into groups.0074B2BA-7AE6-478A-BFB5-90A7B7298B18.thumb.jpeg.e91ea8602946ae3deccee429651f6a39.jpeg 

Climb to the top of the platforms and here is the hardest part of the excursion:  the trust fall!  Logically, you know you are hooked up to the safety line as well as the back line but it is still scary to allow yourself to fall forward into position.  Now your feet end are hooked up and you are actually quite comfortable.  There is something about stepping off a platform that freaks me out and in this respect I prefer the Fire and Breath compared to land based zip lines as someone else starts you.  No backing out once you are hooked up.  All clear!  3-2-1 and I'm off flying like Superman over the trees and beautiful ocean.  27A29386-E22F-40A9-9693-8C5269CD43D2.thumb.jpeg.dc10848241ce4c820a2379275232dc6a.jpegA4CDE750-3799-4EAB-A37B-D948056AA110.thumb.jpeg.70b81c4485c77403fac93d8ad2a46c9c.jpeg

The landing was very smooth and smoother than the Breath line.  There is a ladder to help get you down by unhooking your feet first and then your back.  I was the last one down and done by 8:52.  

Overall it was an amazing ride!  If you have done the Dragon's Breath before, try this as well!  If you only choose one zipline, then I highly suggest the Fire!

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We did fire back in November and loved it!!!!  I was the first one in the group to go and the trust fall was hard.  I finally closed my eyes and just told the guy to hook me up.  Once that was done it was great

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13 hours ago, twangster said:

Do they allow GoPros?   If so, handheld or how mounted?

I used my iphone with a wrist strap to take a really bad video of the ground.  They didn't say anything about it. 

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