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Navigator Mar. 1, 2019 - 9 Nights Southern Caribbean

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First sighting from my Lyft ride. I arrived at the terminal at 9:45am.  Doors were closed.  Around 10am they let us in.   Once upstairs I was third in line for security which was c

I originally booked this cruise as the second leg of a back to back.  The first segment was cancelled by Royal so instead of 14 nights on the ship, I now have just 9 nights.  First world problems.  

PSA - BREAKING NEWS! Terrible ship.  Do NOT book this ship.  Everyone needs to book some other ship.  Leave this ship to me.  I will take one for team RoyalCaribbeanBlog.com and sail on this

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Day 10 - Ugh Day.

Morning came early but the inevitable occurred.  We returned to Miami.

I meant to pack the day before but one bamboo drink lead to another and...  morning came early.

By the time I made it downstairs the self-assist line was already moving.


A quick glance over at the naughty table where items confiscated on day 1 could be retrieved.


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Thanks so much for the great live blog, Twangster.  Voyager class was my first cruise, so I've always had a soft spot for that class.  And after seeing the Amped updates through your blog, I may have to rethink Oasis out of Bayonne in 2020... hmmm.  You know what, YOLO I'm booking two cruises in 2020 😛

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11 minutes ago, Sweety said:

We will have over 340 points this Summer. Will there be an invite in the room for lunch with a Officer.

You are probably used to seeing the little card in your cabin regarding the other tours (bridge, theater, galley).  Now I see a 4th line for "Meal with an Officer".  

Must return the card by end of day 2 to C&A desk sort of thing.  

Later in the cruise a card was dropped off informing me of the date and time. 

It can vary by ship and/or loyalty ambassador.  Once the "Meal with an Officer" letter was separate, probably so the other offers for those below 340 would be a common letter.  

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