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Hi guys I’ve been a silent lurker for years, but decided I would finally post. On our upcoming cruise on symphony (Feb. 16, 2019) we are looking for something to do in St. Thomas as a group of five adults ranging from 20s to 40s. One first time cruiser, one fourth time, the rest 8th time cruisers. Coming from a city that is nicknamed Winterpeg in Canada we love the heat and lying on the beach and drinking fruity alcoholic drinks. I can not find any all inclusive day pass options for this port. If anyone has any ideas on what we should do that would be great. Or knows what beach to go to so that we could rent a lounger and buy drinks and swim in the ocean that would be great! 

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I know it’s not a popular opinion & we haven’t been there in years but we just loved snorkeling & feeding the fish at Coki Beach. That’s the ONE thing my husband asked to do on this upcoming trip.We went with a large group last time, this is just us. We had a lovely server but another friend said theirs was rude. We are pretty easy going & only had some appetizers & drinks. We tipped well & they appreciated it. 

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