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  1. We're a family of 4 (myself, DH, DC14 and DS12). DH has his own business and needs to keep in touch (may need to do a teleconference or two). My tween, teen and self would like *some* access to download shows, keep in touch at home, etc. but don't need 24/7 access like he does. We use Verizon wireless unlimited for our phones. Voom Surf & Stream isn't horribly priced (relatively) for our cruise right now (<$20/day) but it is an 8 day cruise with 4 in-port days. We'd also love to be able to keep in touch with the kids during port days just in case of separation. I'd love advice on the least expensive way to manage this. I'm pretty sure DH will need the cruise ship Voom package, but what else should we do for the lowest cost? Has anyone used the Verizon cruise package? What would that be good for? Should I get both Verizon AND cruise ship package(s)? More than one Voom package? What about in port (4 islands, not Mexico where we'd be covered...) Thanks for any info/advice!
  2. I purchased a VOOM SURF + STREAM Internet Package during a sale where the more devices you add, the bigger the discount you get. I selected two devices for one passenger, rather than one device per passenger because it was the most cost effective. My question is, does each device have to be logged-in to that one individual’s royal Caribbean account to utilize the 2nd device, or can the other passenger on the reservation use the 2nd device while logged-in to their own account?
  3. Can anyone confirm that the way the Voom package works is that a 1 device package means 1 device connected at any one time. If you disconnect one device you can switch to another device and then back again as long as only one is connected using the service at any one time. Thank you
  4. I've read a ton of conflicting posts on this forum about how it works if you buy a multi-device plan and want to get some clarification: Let's say I buy a 4 device plan for 5 people, and 4 devices are currently connected. Person 5 wants to connect. Can person 5 just log in and it will "boot" someone off? Or does 1 of the current 4 have to log off first before person 5 can log in? Thanks!!!
  5. There have been a few posts on FB etc speculating about the fleet wide blocking of VPNs. Just as an update we are currently on Oasis and VPNs are most definitely blocked onboard. I guess for most people it’s not a big deal but I have to say I personally find it annoying. I want to use it for perfectly legitimate use. Having said that I’m sure it’s not a deal breaker for anyone! There are workarounds of course for those tech savvy enough to know but I don’t really want to go down that road.
  6. My husband, 16 yo son, and I are sailing RC for thirst time on the Anthem in January. My son wants the soda and internet. I also want internet but I don’t really drink soda. My husband doesn’t want internet and would like the soda package, but is also fine without. Looking at the soda + Voom package seems to be the best deal if we get 2 of these packages my husband would get the soda and I would use the Internet. What I’m trying to figure out is if it’s the Voom that just lets you check your email or if you can stream. The name just says Voom but the description says stream your videos. Do these packages stay or should I book quickly in case it disappears?
  7. If i wanted to purchase the drinks package with voom for my wife does that mean i must purchase it as well or can i just purchase drinks package by itself? If i can do this, can i do it on planner or would i have to call RC to get this done? TYI Ray
  8. Hi Everyone, Sorry if this has been addressed.... What are the basic differences between the "Surf" package and "Surf & Stream" packages. I read the descriptions and they state the "Surf & Stream" can be used for watching movies & TV (i.e. Netflix, etc). We have no intention to do that (hell, we are on a cruise!) but may want to use FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook-live, email, iMessage, etc.. on our iPhones. With these apps, are we okay with just the "surf" package or should we pay the extra $$ and get the "Surf & Stream"? BTW, our next cruise is on Rhapsody (first "small" ship we've ever taken). Previously, we've done Oasis class, Freedom class and Voyager class ships. Thanks! Dave
  9. Hi, I am sailing for 8 nights on Adventure in December. From the current sale I saw that there's a bundle for Voom Surf for 4 devices for $43 a day, which I think is quite cheap, so I bought it. Just wondering if anyone has seen prices lower than this? (If this is pretty low, I will still continue to monitor prices but maybe less compulsively so ?)
  10. We made our reservations last night, and started looking at the cruise planner, deciding what things we would like to purchase for the cruise. I was looking at the Voom basic (no streaming) package for 1 device yesterday and it said 11.99...but today it says 14.99. Why did the price go up overnight?? Do these packages and things go on and off of 'sales'...should i just watch them for a while and buy when they are 'on sale' ?? I am confused...
  11. Can anyone elaborate on the difference between the 1) Voom Surf & Stream Voyage Package ($14.39/day) and 2) Voom High Speed Internet Voyage Package ($18.00/day)? As far as I can tell, both allow for streaming/video chat. Screenshots attached from Cruise Planner for 4/9/18 Quantum of the Seas. Thanks in advance - Fran
  12. Hello all. Just a quick heads-up that for my particular sailing, JUly 2019 Southbound Alaska, Voom Surf & Stream 3 device is $10 cheaper than when I repurchased about 6 weeks ago. Today it is $195.93. Oddly enough, the Couples Thermal Pass advertises for $154, but then when you go to choose, the only available option is $179.
  13. I am traveling with my girlfriend on two cruises next year. I am getting the Deluxe Package is which means she is getting it too. I also want the one device Voom package. I assumed the Voom+Deluxe is the cheapest for me but it made me get that package for both of us which means I think we have Voom for TWO devices (overkill). I’ve seen various promotions including (I think) buy one deluxe and get one half off. Given that I want to end up with one device and two Deluxe, how should I handle and what type of promotion should I be on the lookout for? Larry Muster
  14. I'm now seeing both 'Surf' and 'Surf and Stream' Voom packages available in the cruise planner for U.S. based sailings. Historically for the U.S region the cruise planner has typically only offered 'Surf and Stream' with a few rare exceptions. To purchase 'Surf' in the U.S. region you typically had to wait to board the ship. Pricing is now consistent through the middle of 2019 for my sailings. SURF 1 device @ $9.992 devices @ $17.993 devices @ $24.994 devices @ $27.99SURF and STREAM1 device @ $11.992 devices @ $19.993 devices @ $28.994 devices @ $33.49 While Surf is a slower performing package, for basic internet chat and 'dial up' type access it may fit the needs for many who just want to keep in touch, or chat with friends and family at home. If nothing else, pay attention to which plan you are picking when making cruise planner purchases. This is the first time in a long time that Voom pricing has been consistent over a number of months. In my experience Surf is speed limited to 0.5Mbps down and 0.25 Mbps up while Surf and Stream has typically offered around 4mbps down and just under 2Mbps up. Surf Surf and Stream
  15. Just wanted to report that I just cancelled and rebooked Voom Surf & Stream for 3 Devices for our July 19th, 2019 Radiance of the Seas Alaska Southbound. The price dropped from $226.66 to $202.93. May not seem like much, except now that's another two drinks, or. . . It really does pay to keep checking the cruise planner and the fare of your cruise. By checking both (about every other day), I have been able to avail our family to upgrading our stateroom (started with a JS and with fare reductions over the last two qtrs, have upgraded to a GS and then to an OS, all at the same price as what we originally booked the JS, YESSSSS!!!). Have saved money on the Voom just by checking the cruise planner.
  16. Was just trying to get our voom surf internet package for 2 devices and saw it had a 10% discount. Should we go ahead and get it, or does the discount ever go higher than that?
  17. After listening to this week's podcast, I have this question: We will be staying in an Owner's Suite for our July 2019 Radiance Southbound. I thought that VOOM was a perk for suite guests on Radiance, but now I am not sure. There will be three of us with four total devices. I'll have my chromebook along, but I plan to swap out that out with my phone VOOM connection. I can't seem to find where specifically this is mentioned. I know I've seen it. . .
  18. Just saw this when I logged in to Cruise Planner for my upcoming 10/5 sailing on the Enchantment: I do believe that is the cheapest I've ever seen it. Not sure if this is just for my ship & sailing, but check cruise planner for your upcoming cruises in case it's something more widespread.
  19. This is a question I always see on this board..."How early does ____ open for booking?" Today I logged into my CP and saw that everything, except entertainment, is open for my March 2019 cruise on Harmony. That is a whole 283 days out! And dining was actually out before at 328 days out! On the Harmony FB group, some are reporting that their packages are now open for June 2019 sailings. So it just goes to show again that there is no rhyme or reason to it.
  20. We are on the group cruise to Alaska on Explorer in June and I have a couple of questions for those who have done the same or similar itinerary. 1) Is VOOM functional / worth the price? I have heard that due to the location satellite coverage is quite inconsistent and causes outages. Being Canadian, we will need to use roaming for cellular internet which isn't a showstopper but I an trying to determine if the cost of VOOM will be worth it. 2) Does the cruise change time zones and does the ship generally follow those of the ports? When on caribbean cruises this is somewhat inconsistent and I am looking for peoples experiences on this one. Thanks in advance! Marc
  21. I have just bought a voom package for our upcoming cruise on Allure of the Seas. When I get on the boat, how will I get it. Will it be in my stateroom waiting or will I have to go to guest services? Thanks
  22. I was starting my second Stella as my daughter and I walked through the door on deck 8 of Empress to the forward patio/observation area. I was excited for the quick 4 nighter to Cozumel and back. I was really liking this ship already after a not so perfect boarding experience due to some delays. I started a Periscope for sail away (@DunkelBier_Jay), and had some fun conversations with people as the ship dropped lines and we entered the channel. To our right was the now famous (or infamous) @mpoole3 pad and the mainstay American Victory ship. Tampa Harbour is really cool in that direction. In the other, its all industrial. It is a great sailaway into the Tampa Bay and eventually the Sunshine Skyway Bridge about an hour away. I wanted more of this port! *save your money* As we entered the Bay, we walked down the hallway behind us and to the stairs to deck 5. From there, we walked aft, and I had my first lavalflow in the Schooner Bar... But you're asking...the title says Brilliance, and he's writing about Empress...I'm getting there! The two beers and the lava flow were talking after we finished and started walking aft. What's behind the Schooner on Empress? *Next Cruise* *YOLO* The booking agent was there all alone, and I couldn't let her stay there all lonely like that. So, I booked a Fall cruise on Empress to Cuba with my wife. In the end, it didn't work out schedule wise, so we ended up changing it to the Brilliance January 6 sailing for five nights to Grand Cayman and to Cozumel. So, this coming Friday, January 5, we will board a plane for Tampa where we will spend the night at the Tampa Airport Marriott and then rideshare to the port as early as possible. This itinerary has two sea days to go along with the ports, and it is on a class we haven't sailed before. My goal is to sail every class before 2020. First Port -- Grand Cayman The plan is to rent a car and drive to the North Side and tour Crystal Caves and the nearby rain forest. Following that, we will drive to Rum Point for lunch and some beach time. We will stop by Cayman Brewery on the way back to turn in the car and then tender back to the ship. We chose this because we have been on diving vacations to the Caymans a couple of times, and just didn't want to do the same old thing. We're saving that for the next port. Second Port -- Cozumel I flip flopped a lot on what to do, and I even had Chichen Itza booked for a while after a cruise planner sail, but ended up changing it to a day at Nachi Cocom so that we could go into San Miguel to sample some food and fun before the ship leaves. So, my next posts will show whether or not we pull off these plans, and will show you some sights and sounds that are sure to excite one and all...woot *thanks for reading this far* Briliance, here we come!
  23. I have a question on the VOOM SURF + STREAM packages specifying the number of devices (1-4). I recently purchased the Beverage & VOOM 1 Device package for my upcoming cruise in Feb on Oasis. Does the 1 device mean I can only use one specific device the whole cruise or only 1 device at a time? For example, in the stateroom I would like to use my laptop but while going about the ship I would like to use my iPhone. Thanks in advance for the clarification!
  24. Hi Everyone, I had just made purchased for the VOOM package. I received an email confirmation saying the password would be delivered to my room before midnight of my first day. What does that mean? I would like to have the password the moment I embarked in the morning and not to have to wait till the night is already over before I can have any internet access. I think it is not so fair if I am paying for that day. What is your experience regarding getting the password? Thanks
  25. I'm looking for thoughts regarding the purchase of VOOM for our 7 night Western Caribbean on Allure in June...sadly, we can't swing the Alaska group cruise that month. Family of Five We are getting two adjoining Central Park Balconies Stateroom 1 -- 2 people (ages -- old) -- share 1 package Stateroom 2 -- 3 people (ages 17, 20, 22) -- a package each for sanity We are contemplating getting a 4 device plan on Stateroom 1 at $39.17 per day = ~$7.83 cost per person per day (about half the single device plan) -- the cruise planner doesn't allow for purchase of plans across reservation numbers like booking dinner reservations. I may be answering my question by writing this, but has anyone encountered issues with buying a multiple device plan and allowing others from another stateroom to use the logins? I can't think of an issue where this may be a problem, but I may not be thinking it through. It's also easier to write this than explaining it on the phone to RC. I have only bought one-device plans on previous cruises.
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