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  1. Anyone else have problems canceling a shore excursion? I tried canceling yesterday with no luck. After multiple calls yesterday and today, I was told it could only be canceled onboard because the ship manifest had already been turned in.
  2. I am sailing on 7/3, and have been trying to cancel a shore excursion since yesterday. The option to cancel online was closed, and when I called last night and this morning, I was told that I would need to cancel once I get onboard because I was outside of the cancelation window. Does anyone know whether I will get push-back about receiving my full refund? I was well within my 48 hour timeframe, and the receipt clearly states I have until 11:59 pm 7/1 to cancel. I'm just a tad bit nervous about push-back on getting a full refund. I don't want a credit. I want a refund! Thanks in advance for your comments.
  3. We've purchased the deluxe beverage package for our upcoming cruise. Are double shots an option? Is that something that is allowed/included with the deluxe package should we want double shots in our cocktails?
  4. I'll be doing this hence forth! Thanks everyone for your responses. I'll be a cruise pro in no time.
  5. Hubs and I are doing the same. We're not taking any chances. Looking forward to a fun-filled cruise! See you at sea!
  6. I purchased a VOOM SURF + STREAM Internet Package during a sale where the more devices you add, the bigger the discount you get. I selected two devices for one passenger, rather than one device per passenger because it was the most cost effective. My question is, does each device have to be logged-in to that one individual’s royal Caribbean account to utilize the 2nd device, or can the other passenger on the reservation use the 2nd device while logged-in to their own account?
  7. Hi everyone, I am cruising next month and am wondering: 1. Do beach beds ever become available on Coco Cay once they are showing as "sold out" like once you board? Is there a possibility that there will be some available if I try to reserve on board? I'd really like to have a designated space on if at all possible. I'm checking daily, throughout the day but it's a no go. 2. Should a beach bed not be available, what is the best spot to likely grab loungers before they're all taken? Thanks everyone! Any feedback is welcome. This is only my second cruise and my first was 20 years ago on my honeymoon. It's a whole new world out there now. FYI, there will be two adults in our party, so kid friendly area is not a concern.
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