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Found 24 results

  1. Anyone else going?! I'm in a quandary re: Formal Night I believe is usually the second night of the cruise, but that's ALSO Halloween!!! Monarch of the Seas Jan 28 — Feb 1, 2008 Monarch of the Seas Jan 22 — Jan 26, 2007 Monarch of the Seas Jan 30 — Feb 3, 2006
  2. Going on Navigator for Memorial Day weekend this year. Has any one gone on either of these shore excursions in Ensenada that Royal Caribbean offers? Or have any opinions on these options? Calafia Valley Wine Country - $45/person Overview: Delight in Ensenada’s exquisite flavors as you embark on a winery tour and tasting adventure through Mexico’s fertile Calafia Valley region. Hear tales of the area’s history, people and culture while traveling alongside an informative guide via motor coach. Visit two renowned wineries in the famed Calafia Valley wine-growing province, home to the country’s largest wine producers. Tour the expansive vineyards, roam the cellars, and then enjoy a taste of award-winning red and white varieties. Art of Seduction. Fine Wine Tasting & Gourmet Lunch - $125/person Overview: Uncover the secrets of Mexico’s wine country and tantalize your taste buds during this exclusive wine tasting experience, followed by a delectable three-course meal with views of the vineyards. Based on reading the descriptions it seems like the Calafia option is just transportation to two wineries while the Art of Seduction is transportation, a wine tasting, and a meal included in the price. Currently we are leaning towards Art of Seduction, it is more expensive but it also is 21+ only while Calafia is not 21+. Having no kids seems like a nice option. On the other hand, is it worth 2x the other option? Any thoughts?
  3. Ready to navigate (see what I did there??) to Diamond +! This will be my sixth solo cruise, and my last cruise as Diamond. I've learned a lot from my previous solo cruises (including two different classes of ship (Freedom, Voyager) three different cabin classes (Promenade View, Virtual Balcony, and Oceanview Balcony), and three different ports of departure (Miami, Los Angeles-San Pedro, and Copenhagen, Denmark). Oh, and three weeks until departure! I guess this will be a voyage of threes then. So I'll divide my blog into three parts: pre-cruise, embarkation and cruise, debarkation and post cruise. It fits, right? Pre-Cruise: Initially booked: November 2022. Always intended this to be a solo cruise with the principal objective of achieving D+. My other half doesn't particularly enjoy cruising, so I book at least two cruises per year, one of which involves an itinerary that we both will enjoy, and (at least) one that supports my love of cruising and a specific goal or objective. This is #1 for 2023. Cabin type: Virtual balcony. I really like this category of cabin for solo cruising. A balcony is nice, but on a 5-night itinerary, the view from the screen will suffice. And the price was right, allowing me to reserve a balcony for our "together" cruise later on this year. Preparation: coming from the PNW (Pacific North West), I arranged my flights somewhat early on to procure my desired seats. Reserved a hotel room through the Hopper app, and then kept tabs on rates through different hotel sites and AirBnB. I'm more than happy with my choices. Having traveled via Lyft/Uber from LAX to San Pedro, and via public transportation from San Pedro - LAX, I'm open to either means of travel, and will decide once I land and get my bags. Who knows -- I may even go Carry-on only this time!!! If you have any questions about my preparation (or any other "phases") of my journey, feel free to post them and I'll strive to answer/reply.
  4. DIAMOND - Here We Come! At the end of our last blog where we took a bunch of family on the cruise with us, I shared that hubby and I snuck down to the Next Cruise desk and we booked another cruise as a getaway for just the two of us! This time, we opted for less frills (sadly, no suite this time), but we're doing a back-to-back-to-back! When we set up our appointment with Next Cruise, we intended to just book a short 4 night cruise to get us to Diamond level because we were just a couple of points away. Then we decided to add a second cruise to it so we could experience the diamond perks on the second cruise. By the time we made it to our appointment, we had figured out that if we added a third cruise it would include Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl. Had it been a longer walk, who knows what we would have ended up with! Partners in crime on this cruise: Just the two of us (hubby and I) Ship: Navigator of the Seas Cabin: Interior with Virtual Balcony – midship - same room for all three cruises Dates: January 30 - February 17, 2023 Ports: Cruise 1: Sailing RT from Los Angeles to Catalina Island & Ensenada Cruises 2 & 3: Sailing RT from Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, & Puerto Vallarta Booked Excursions: Catalina: No excursion, but I'll be on the hunt for a good clam chowder and hoping it's good weather to walk around a bit Cabo: No excursion, but our best friends go to Cabo all the time and have sent us a long list of things/places to experience Mazatlan: Mazatlan Highlights Express. During this tour, we get to watch cliff diving - a bucket list item for hubby! Puerto Vallarta: Still evaluating - Spent a week there a while back, so we did a bunch, but looking for an adventure (a calm one - we're getting old) LAX: We decided to try the LA Highlights and Rodeo Drive Tour with Airport Transfer. Should be a fun way to get back to the airport. Other Events & Things: Super Bowl: We're crossing our fingers that the Eagles make it! Valentine's Day: My favorite holiday, so I'm happy we'll be cruising this day! Hotel & Flight: We are taking a huge risk and flying to LAX the day of the cruise!!! We're flying from PDX to LAX, so it's a short flight, and there are a ton of other flights to fall back on, so we feel pretty good about it - unless our airline decides to pull a Southwest on us. Cross your fingers for us!! We are the most excited that after the first cruise, we will move to Diamond status! I'm looking forward to the coffee machine and being able to venture into an exclusive lounge!! Unfortunately, I have to work a bit while on this cruise because after we had booked the trip, my company changed our fiscal year and caused a bunch of initiatives (for which I'm responsible) to be due in February. Ugh! But I'm only working when I have to and I'm hoping the internet works for me. What to expect from this blog: One thing I've looked for from other B2B cruises is what happens during the debarkation/embarkation process if you stay in the same cabin. We'll also share what happens when you stay on the ship for a second cruise and reach the next level with perks after the first cruise. I read once that you stay on the ship and the Diamond Concierge comes and gives you an orientation (of sorts). Hoping all this to be the case. We'll share what the Diamond Lounge is all about and what to expect with those perks If I have any frustration with internet, you'll hear about it. Just kidding...maybe If the weather is nice in LA during either of our turnaround days, we plan to hit the water slides since that's usually when there is no line! We're not planning on any dining other than the included options on the ship, and we're total foodies - we'll provide an honest review of the food on the ship and any tips and tricks we learn along our way. We may stray from this for Valentine's Day - we'll see. We'll post pics of our cruise compasses from all three cruises, and any other goodies they leave us that could help you plan your getaway. I skipped the different phases ramping up to this cruise in the blogs because I've been so busy with the holidays and work that I haven't thought much about it. But we're just a week out now and things are heating up! The packing/staging has begun, and all of our documents are in order. I hope you enjoy our blog sharing with you our adventure to Diamond status!
  5. Hello, I will be traveling on Navigator of the Seas Cabo overnight cruise this September and wanted to get some insight on RC’s Approximate wait time to shore using tender ports without have priority for tender tickets. To my knowledge, RC is giving people with booked shore excursions and key members priority to the tender ports. Furthermore, this cruise is supposedly packed with guest. RC states that we will disembark at 12:30pm. I’m planning on booking a third party shore excursion for ATVs with the reservation starting at 3pm but pick up time is 2:30pm. does anyone have advice on the possibility of my party making this excursion? Or should I wait to things in person with local salesman( I’m just not shore an atv experience will be available if I don’t book ahead of time)
  6. Boarding Navigator today! I am so excited to get to sail a Royal ship and not have to take a flight to do so. We are driving up from San Diego around 11am today after my husband gets off work. I have only seen 3 or so blogs from sailings on this coast so figured some additional pics/findings couldn’t hurt. Itinerary This mini 3-night sailing only stops in Ensenada, BC, Mexico. We had originally booked the following 4-night sailing to Catalina on the day bookings opened for these itineraries but after our 2+ week Greek honeymoon I had to switch us to the weekend to give our poor vacation days a chance to recover!! One and a half days off is way easier to swing than the 5 vacation days the original sailing would’ve required. Day 1 - Friday - Departs Los Angeles Day 2 - Saturday - Ensenada, BC, Mexico Day 3 - Sunday - Cruising Day 4 - Monday - Returns to Los Angeles Who’s Going - my husband (Adrian) and I (Daryl) Cabin Ocean View Balcony 1832. I am excited to be on deck 12 with easy Lime & Coconut access. I also put in a bid for a GS that was slightly above the “weak” segment so we’ll see! (This is lifted directly from my last blog as the details are exactly the same! ) Pre-Purchases We grabbed the DBP for a fairly high $75 pp/pd but I will be happy to not have to think about it. We are heavy water drinkers and the ability to grab bottles anywhere really helps when you’re also drinking enough to ensure maximum beverage package usage! We have two dinners reserved, night 1 at Izumi and night 3 at Jamie’s. I have been on ships with Izumi three times but this will be my first time there, I will definitely be trying the She’s a Geisha cocktail I’ve heard so much about! Excursion I booked a third party excursion through ATV Ensenada that departs from town and rides up into the mountains and back. Royal offered an ATV excursion but you had to take a bus out to the Guadalupe Valley to ride and I much prefer getting to ride right from the port area. As native San Diegans we’ve both been to Ensenada a bunch of times before but never up in the mountains for a sweeping ocean view! That should be enjoyable. We took a similar tour from Georgioupolis in Crete this summer and I loved it so much I knew I had to seek out ATVs while we were in Ensenada. Mostly I am excited to try the two Navigator-only water slides since we’ve been on the Perfect Storms on Oasis and Freedom. I love water slides! It’s cruise day!!
  7. Hello everyone, I have been enjoying these live blogs for over a year so I thought I would contribute. So let's start with some background. Who: Me and my wife (Teachers!) What: A cruise on the newly refurbished Navigator of the Seas When: June 24-28, 2019 + flying in the day before. Where: Nassau and Coco Cay Why: We just booked this trip (practically last minute!) as we decided we wanted to have a getaway before we think of expanding our family but didn't want to spend too much time away from our lovely toddler-aged daughter. Why not bring her, you ask? Well, even though people have shared wonderful experiences that they have had with their young children on board, it was not the type of vacation we were looking for. We have done short cruises on Enchantment and Majesty before and wanted something more modern but on a short cruise and Navigator fit the bill nicely. If they wouldn't have upgraded and larger ships on these itineraries, I don't think we would be doing a cruise (someday our child(ren) will be older and we will do a longer cruise)! Excursions: Nothing planned. Maybe the flight sim for me in Nassau and a massage for my wife. We were big fans of the "rustic" Coco Cay and were hesitant about all of the upgrades to the island. But after hearing such glowing reviews, I am excited to give it an honest try. I am excited to try all of the new amenities on Navigator: Bamboo Room, Lime and the Coconut, Playmakers (Team Drink Package), the waterslides, FlowRider, escape room, and ice skating. We might even try some specialty dining for the first time. Maybe Hooked for lunch and Jamie's for a dinner? 56 days to go! I'll leave you with a "historical" photo of Coco Cay.
  8. Hi! I'm Kim! You may know me from my Enchantment of the Seas trip report 2 years ago. We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Me: 47, cruised with Royal Caribbean 2 years ago for the first time and Disney 15 years ago. I love warm weather and palm trees. Mom: old enough to be my mother, cruised with Royal Caribbean 2 years ago for the first time. She also loves warm weather and palm trees. We both love to eat. She's gluten-free, I'm gluten-full. We get along very well. We are Basic. We have no Star, Pinnacle, or Diamond statuses going for us. We are our own Genies. We have matching t-shirts that say "Resting Beach Face." We accept every photo op. We lose money on bingo and gambling. All of those things that experienced cruisers laugh at and wonder who they're aimed for? Us! They're aimed for us! Our story: we took our first cruise 2 years ago because Mom had a medically crummy summer and I wanted her to look forward to something once she put in the necessary PT work. We had THE BEST TIME and at least once a week every week since she mentioned taking another cruise. Mom: Let's take another cruise! Me: We could do that. Or we could go back to Virginia Beach! Or find a nice place in Florida... Mom: But then we'll have to go out and FIND food instead of just walking to a restaurant and having all the food we want. Don't you remember just grabbing the bag of chips from that stand? And there's no Solarium. And just the hotel is more money than the entire cruise and that's WITHOUT food and... I created a monster who wants to be able to grab a bag of Sun Chips and walk away. She wanted to take the same exact cruise again, because this time since she's back to 100% and won't have to use a cane. She's even going to the gym now. I know, right? I also know who'll be lugging our suitcases. But our beloved Enchantment of the Seas moved to Galveston and the Navigator's 5-day doesn't include Key West. Mom: I don't want a smaller boat than Enchantment, though! Me, looking at Navigator photos: I...don't think that will be a problem. And here we are, booked on Navigator and headed to Nassau (day 2), CocoCay (day 3) and a day at sea (day 4). What we are keeping the same: Same ocean-view room. We were barely in it last time and I think that we'd really waste money on a larger room. Same VOOM 2-device surf and stream package. Still not booking an excursion in Nassau; we're using a map I found online to create our own walking tour with a goal to be back on the ship for lunchtime. I might purchase a bottle of rum to bring home. Still not booking fancy dining - we were completely happy with MDR and Windjammer last time and I'm excited to add free tacos to our lineup. Can't forget the free chips. Still not buying beverage packages - even when it goes to buy one, get one 50% off, neither of us can sustain the pace to make it break even. And we don't mind regular coffee. What we are doing differently: I kind of fibbed about the lack of STATUS. Because we are Crown & Anchor GOLD LEVEL, baybeeeeeee! ha-HA! We'll be strolling down deck 3 with our four points like this: (Which is why we'll never be let into fancy lounges.) I bought lanyards from an Etsy shop to replace the "Bristol Meyers Squib" medical conference ones we had before. They befit our GOLD status. My husband is my favorite person but NOT a tropical-loving guy so he is staying behind with my beloved dogs and retinol. He will be driving us to the airport. We are flying directly into Miami the night before to spare me the agita I had last time when we almost missed the plane in Philadelphia. I'll disclose the hotel once we've checked out because I'm paranoid. We are not buying Evian water to be delivered to the cabin - 12 1-liter bottles = WAY too much water. Instead, I'm going to pick up a 6-pack of bottles in Miami to carry on and satisfy Mom's bottled water demands. I'm sure the complimentary C&A Gold status sherpa will help us. (disclaimer: there is no sherpa) I was raised on NJ tap water, so my body has evolved its own high-end filtering system. I pre-rented a floating mat at CocoCay. But with the construction on CocoCay's South Beach we don't have the opportunity to rent a lounger for the day. For just 2 of us, dropping hundreds of dollars on a daybed or cabana isn't cost-effective. I'm very concerned about snagging seats with an umbrella. Even though the map shows little umbrellas all over, I don't want us to scorch. I have feelings about CocoCay. It's just ... we had the perfect day there 2 years ago before it became capital-letter Perfect Day. We're not doing the waterpark and my brother would kill me in my sleep if I hooked Mom up to a zipline. I just hope Royal Caribbean remembered that some people's perfect day entails just lying on the beach under an umbrella, drinking and eating. Other than weather, norovirus, airplane crashes, the softening of my jawline, and the ship catching on fire at sea, this is what I'm worried about. I am often wrong, so I'm hoping my wrongness streak continues. Goals: Flush myself down the Riptide slide. It looks to be 25 seconds long. I can do that. As long as I keep my mouth shut (tall order) I won't drown. Try a Lava Flow. Have a FANTASTIC time. All that's left is the packing, folks.
  9. Good morning everyone! As the title says, we will be doing a side by side sailing coming up a week from Monday out of Miami. As long as data/wi-fi/VOOM cooperates I will try to post as live as I can. I'll put some of the background and details below, and will also be commenting on our before/after plans as well so feel free to skip past all that if it's not your thing. Forewarning this first post will be a long one. I was back and forth on doing a blog, but I know I really appreciate reading them to get me by until my next sailing. As we go throughout the trip, feel free to ask questions and I will do my best to answer as I can. Who: Myself (Cody) and my wife (Ainslie). I'm active duty AF currently stationed in Colorado Springs. Just got back to the area in April after living 30 minutes south of Port Canaveral for almost five years, so this will be our first cruise in years where we have to fly to the port which was a big driver in the longer trip. No kids, so aside from getting the vacation time we have the flexibility to cruise any time of the year. We love this time of year as the weather is perfect, it's typically cheaper, and longer sailings (Explorer) often have a much more laid-back feel to them which we like. We are Emerald C&A members coming just short of Diamond after these sailings and won't be in suites so I won't be much help in regards to those aspects/questions. Why these sailings?: We did 14 nights b2b on Navigator a couple years ago over the exact same timeframe and loved it. We got off that sailing and immediately knew we had to get back to the ABCs, which this time is on Explorer. We considered doing the 5 night over Thanksgiving and making it a true b2b again, but this one went to Labadee & Jamaica and we're already doing Labadee the second sailing. We really enjoyed Navigator and were excited to see the amplified ship so got a great rate a year ago on the 4 night Thanksgiving sailing and we get to go to Coco Cay. I went in September but my wife has never been as we missed it the previous two attempts before the pier was installed. We'll get to sail on one new ship to us and one revamped ship coupled with getting back to our favorite ports in the ABCs so it was a no-brainer! Escaping the Colorado cold doesn't hurt either. Staterooms: Navigator we'll be in a deck 7 Promenade Room. Originally had the exact same room # on Explorer, but after final payment date the rates on Oceanview Balconies dropped to the point where we upgraded for less than $100, so we'll have a deck 7 Oceanview Balcony on the Starboard side which we prefer. Onboard Extras: We purchased the Deluxe beverage package + VOOM for myself and the Refreshment for my wife on both sailings. I waffled a bit on this but in the end got a rate we were happy with and I love not having to worry about a bill at the end for drinks. Coupled with the fact that due to work we may not get to cruise next year and it was a fairly easy decision. On Navigator I booked the UDP for us as there are some new venues I wanted to try and the price was $99pp so not bad. VOOM came with my DX package but we would've purchased anyways. No specialty dining on Explorer as we have some longish port days so a couple nights MDR but a lot of casual WJ meals for us. Travel: More in the itinerary to come but we're flying on the red-eye from Denver next Saturday morning at 12:45! Flying into Orlando to spend time with friends. We're flying Frontier (I know), but the ticket price was a few hundred cheaper than other airlines which allowed us to spend some time both before and after the cruise in Florida. After disembarking on the 8th we'll head back up to Orlando to get a couple days at WDW before flying out late on the 9th back to Denver. Got some great pricing on one way rentals both Orlando to Miami and in reverse with Avis. Dropping of the rental the night before the cruise so will use Uber/Lyft to get to the ship. Itinerary: 23 Nov- Fly to Orlando, spend day/night in Melbourne with friends 24 Nov- Drive to Miami, one night at the Gabriel downtown 25 Nov- Board Navigator 26 Nov- Nassau (8:00am-6:00pm) 27 Nov- Coco Cay (7:00am-5:00pm) 28 Nov- Sea Day (Thanksgiving) 29 Nov- Turnaround day, board Explorer 30 Nov- Sea Day 1 Dec- Labadee (8:00am-5:00pm) 2 Dec- Sea Day 3 Dec- Willemstad, Curacao (9:00am-8:00pm) 4 Dec- Kralendijk, Bonaire (8:00am-8:00pm) 5 Dec- Oranjestad, Aruba (8:00am-7:00pm) 6-7 Dec- Sea Days 8 Dec- Disembark, head to Orlando/Disney 9 Dec- Fly home late Excursions: Nassau- My wife is doing some sort of dolphin thing (I believe) and I'm going to just walk around, get a bite to eat, and spend some time at Pirate Republic Brewing (I'm a big beer guy) Coco Cay- I've got the all-day waterpark pass, but aside from that a leisurely day Labadee- Nothing planned, just relax Curacao- Rented a car through Advance and plan to drive up to some of the more remote beaches. Afternoon/evening will be spent walking downtown and getting a bite to eat at our favorite place Bonaire- Snorkeling again with Woodwind and then relaxing in town Aruba- Local bus to our favorite dutch pancake restaurant, then plan to spend the rest of the day at Reflexions Beach Bar while my wife shops in town Again, apologies for the long post and congrats to those who stuck with it! I will start with the live portion next Saturday once we start traveling. I will not be uploading the compasses daily but if you have specific questions on those I will try to answer. Have a great weekend and thanks for following along!
  10. Can anyone tell me how this works with the Unlimited Dining Package on Navigator? Is there hours (such as only evening meal) that it works? Are there any restaurants that we can't go to including getting the $35 credit (Playmakers, Johnny Rockets ect.) it states you get at the ala carte restaurants? We thought we had this purchased with our travel agent but through a misunderstanding we did not get it. The other people in our party are confused so I would just like a definitive answer to tell them from someone who has had it on our specific ship.
  11. So first off I wanted to say Thank You!! to everyone on this blog who helped to make this an amazing cruise for us. We returned yesterday from our 3-night Navigator sailing. We really did have a great time, and I was forearmed against so many mistakes/ wastes of time because of the advice from you great people! I did want to just let everyone know a couple of things we learned on this trip, some of which I've seen others ask about. Izumi To-Go: On our Nassau port day, Izumi was open for lunch. We didn't get a reservation - were told they weren't really needed for lunch and that Jamie's would be open that day instead. BUT we were able to get Izumi to-go. I've seen folks ask about that and wanted to just share. It took about 20 minutes, and they gave us a bag filled with $65 worth of sushi and appetizers which we ate in the Viking Crown Lounge next door. They didn't seem bothered about it at all and we made sure to tip and say thank you to the waiter for helping. We had an Ultimate Dining Package and were determined to get the most out of it. It was purchased for $69/pp and never dipped lower. We ate Chops lunch embarkation day, Hooked Night 1, Izumi Night 2, and Chops Night 3. I really wanted to try Jamie's Italian and when we asked they said it would be open on our Nassau port day. It wasn't, Izumi was. But at least I'll have another restaurant to look forward to next time. I don't know how to go about confirming which specialty restaurant will be open on the Nassau port day, but that would be good information for someone to find out! ? Playmakers and others: On this Navigator sailing, RCCL charged then credited back our food purchased from Playmakers. Multiple people told us they would so I was ready to fight the charge if need be ?They wouldn't do the same at The Bamboo Room. One of the people who told us about Playmakers also told us the package would work on Captain Jacks at CoCo Cay, though we didn't try that out. Also, they DID charge me for Johnny Rockets. I'm going to try calling and disputing this since everything said it was included, but we'll see how it goes. Slides: If you want to try the slides aboard ship, go early! We got there fairly early on the Nassau day but apparently not enough. The line, especially for The Blaster (tube slide) was not quick. Once I got to the top I realized the lifeguards were waiting to set people up/ talk to them/ go over safety rules until after the guards at the bottom gave them the all clear signal. As a former lifeguard at a water park, they could really speed that up if they just blocked the slide with their bodies and did it all while the previous riders were getting out. We went about halfway up the tower before hitting the line and it still was about a 25 minute wait. The other mat slide had a shorter line and went slightly quicker. CoCo Cay: I've been to Labadee but never to CoCo Cay. It was wonderful! They were still putting up a few new trees and the existing ones were a little burnt from Dorian but everything else was really top notch. We spent most of the day at Chill Island with a stop at Oasis Lagoon just to check it out. There were plenty of open loungers at the beach but not nearly as many at Oasis Lagoon. Really there were plenty but also a lot of seat saving. I was curious and may try this next time I'm going; there were a couple of cabanas at Chill Island open but ALL of the day beds were empty. Anyone have experience just going to the excursions desk and making an offer to them? They were asking $199 for day beds before our cruise and I would've happily paid $99 for the day. Just a thought. Well, thank you all again for your help and if you have any questions please let me know. Now I'm restarting my count down for our April sailing on Independence with the kids! ~ Paul
  12. I know that this could very well be one of the "RC Tech Issues"...but I noticed that on the RC app, El Loco Fresh on the Navigator is noted as a specialty restaurant. Please, someone tell me that this is wrong information and that I can get all the "FREE" tacos I want starting July 8...
  13. We've booked our first cruise and we're staying on the navigator of the seas in a junior suite. My question is the travel agent said that we get priority boarding with the junior suite and if I remember correctly he said we can board as early as 11am and hang out in a private lounge but I'm not sure what that means. Can any of you guys advise? Also has anyone purchased "the key?" I was also trying to do a virtual tour of the room because the travel agent mentioned that we're located in the front of the ship which can cause increased sea sickness. But I was also trying to view the balcony. Is there a way to see my room/deck assignment on Royal Caribbean? Any other advise is greatly appreciated.
  14. We are Cruising on the Navigator March 3rd. Are there any craft beer selections? If so, can we purchase them with our drink package?
  15. Thanks to @twangster for the menu photo on this. Does anyone know if the Deluxe Beverage Package covers the adult shakes at Johnny Rockets on Navigator of the Seas. Also what are the "Adult Shakes" for example. Never been on a cruise or to a Johnny Rockets so this has my curiosity.
  16. My wife and I are going on the Navigator OTS soon and we are doing an excursion, the Dolphin Push, Pull & Swim Experience in George Town, Grand Cayman. Has anyone done this excursion that has any tips, advice or experiences that they would like to share? It’s hard to find reviews and we just want to know what to be prepared for. All I know for sure is to not bring a camera. Is there a safe place to store your items while you are in the water? Thanks for any responses!
  17. T-1 Day Almost a year ago, my family booked this cruise. Now we’re less than a day away from boarding the beautiful Navigator of the Seas to embark on our 9 night journey to the Southern Caribbean. I guess it’s best to start this live trip report by telling everyone a little bit about myself. I’m 17 from Atlanta, Georgia. I know I’m probably quite a bit younger than most of the users on Royal Caribbean Blog, but what can I say - it’s never to early to become obsessed with cruising. Going on this cruise with me are my mom, dad, elderly grandmother, and her elderly friend. We booked two separate balcony rooms, so my grandmother and her friend will stay in one room and I’ll stay in the other room with my mom and dad. My dad and I both booked the classic soda package and the voom surf voyage package so we can communicate with each other while on the ship. After diligently checking the cruise planner every 3 or so days, I was able to get the voom package for $19.18 a day, which was the cheapest I’ve seen it for the past 6 months. We chose this cruise strictly for the itinerary. The ABC islands have been on our list for quite some time, and when they offered them at the next cruise desk on our last cruise, we just couldn’t pass it up. The intertary is as follows: Day 1: At sea Day 2: Labadee, Haiti Day 3: At sea Day:4 At sea Day 5: Oranjestad, Aruba Day 6: Willemstad, Curaçao Day 7: Kralendijk, Bonaire Day 8: At Sea Day 9: At Sea In Labadee we’re planning to just have a beach day, in Aruba we’re doing a Trikes tour, we’re going to just play it by ear in Curaçao, and in Bonaire we rented a few golf carts. We got into Miami yesterday night with my dad driving my grandmother and her friend down and my mom and I flying since she had to stay later to work and I had to stay later for finals. Today in Miami we did a little sight seeing at Little Havana, South Beach, and Bayside. After lunch we ran a few last minute errands to pick up the things we realized we forgot to pack, and all got pedicures (including my dad). He was not a fan of the flip flops lol. At least they had blue. Now all that’s left is our last dinner of 2018 on land and then it’s cruise time tomorrow!!
  18. Does anyone know if there are theme nights like 70's Disco nights or something on the Navigator of the Seas Cruise - 8 night cruise to Labidee, Puerto Rico, St. Maartins & St. Kitts? I'd like to be prepared....
  19. Just booked Sabor through the online cruise planner as a Birthday present for my step-dad on our upcoming cruise. So I've paid the cover charge for each of us but the pricing is a la carte on the sample menu so my question is - What/how much are we allowed to eat? TIA
  20. It is never nice to see this kind of news from any cruise ship. But it does happen and should be reported and comment on. We see these wonderful ships that Royal and other build and operate and sometimes lose track of the truth that they are still ships in very large oceans, safety should always be on passengers minds. The reports say the passenger, a 46 year old man from Texas fell off the cabin balcony from the 10th deck, about 100 feet to the water. Cruise travel is very safe, but being careful and thinking about your situations is very important. As of now the passenger is still missing so while we can hope it does not look good. http://abcnews.go.com/US/coast-guard-searches-missing-royal-caribbean-ship-passenger/story?id=37428928
  21. I'm trying to figure out if I can go to a different dining option every day for lunch and dinner, and never repeat the same place twice. It doesn't seem like I can, can I?
  22. Didn't know if there was a place to connect with other families that would be interested in a version of Disney's Fish Extenders on the Navigator of The Seas departing on 1/31/2016. We are a family of 4 and this will be our children's first cruise experience so we were looking for that extra bit of fun for them. We have had family do several Disney cruises and they are always sharing their Fish Extender experience. Anyone know of a place we can connect with other families that might be interested in the same thing? For those that never heard of it. It is a simple mail pouch you can put by your door and leave things for other families that are participating in it. It can be notes, games, made items, or small purchased items... so many possibilities (pinterest has hundreds of ideas). It just gives the children something to look forward to, getting to check each time they go by their door and see what fun things might have been left for them. You can also meet up with the families if you want so you kids can meet new friends. If anyone can point me in the right direction if something like this already exists, or if anyone wants to participate in it please comment.
  23. New specialty restaurant coming to Navigator of the Seas http://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2013/12/28/navigator-of-the-seas-get-new-sabor-modern-mexican-specialty-restaurant Like so much else on Navigator, I'm guessing this restaurant will also make its way to Quantum of the Seas.
  24. Is there much difference between a Superior Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony and a Deluxe Ocean View Stateroom with Balcony on the Navigator of the Seas? I have booked a Superior D3-6548. I am a little confused as to how the D numbering system works. My main concern is that the room is by the elevator, the RC employee I spoke with assured me it would not be an issue. What does everyone think? Can I find a better room than this one? Is it worth the extra $ for the superior over the Deluxe? Some descriptions say that the superior has a couch on the balcony while others do not.
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