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  1. You're not leaving stuff constantly, just a time or two through out the cruise. However, if you have 5-10 families participating then you could end up with a few cool and exciting things to brighten your trip. Logically you would be by your door at least 3 times (leave, come to freshen up before dinner, and return for bed) Think if you came back to freshen up and someone from Ohio like myself left you a few homemade buckeye treats for you to enjoy, or in the morning before your first shore excursion someone made you a personalized water bottle or left a mini care package with hand sanitizers, Band-Aids, and a pack of advil, or maybe when you return at the end of the night someone left you a few breath mints. ;) Even without kids I would want to participate. :) it can be an icebreaker and a way to meet an remember new people.
  2. Thanks, for the info. I did find a roll call with CC only 13 people are signed up, but I posted there hoping more might come. Any idea if a roll call would be any place else? Thanks, again.
  3. Didn't know if there was a place to connect with other families that would be interested in a version of Disney's Fish Extenders on the Navigator of The Seas departing on 1/31/2016. We are a family of 4 and this will be our children's first cruise experience so we were looking for that extra bit of fun for them. We have had family do several Disney cruises and they are always sharing their Fish Extender experience. Anyone know of a place we can connect with other families that might be interested in the same thing? For those that never heard of it. It is a simple mail pouch you can put by your door and leave things for other families that are participating in it. It can be notes, games, made items, or small purchased items... so many possibilities (pinterest has hundreds of ideas). It just gives the children something to look forward to, getting to check each time they go by their door and see what fun things might have been left for them. You can also meet up with the families if you want so you kids can meet new friends. If anyone can point me in the right direction if something like this already exists, or if anyone wants to participate in it please comment.
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