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Found 22 results

  1. EDIT: Problem solved. Now it was working. I’m soon going on my first big cruise. 14 of may brim Barcelona, on Symphony of the seas. The other day I got en email sayin I now could book my entertainment. But when I go to the page all I see is this. Can’t see any where to book. Can any one help?
  2. Heading aboard Enchantment in a few days (soooo excited) with my sister and elderly mom. We chose late dining but see the Headliner shows are at 7:15 & 9:30 - They look to be 45 minutes - how bad is it to show up a few minutes late for dinner? i.e. if we went to the 7:15 show which gets out at 8:00 then walked to dinner is that a total faux pas? The 9:30 would also work, but that bumps up against many of the game shows and karaoke ^^ and who wants to miss THAT!?! (not a tragedy, but would love to get seasoned travelers advise. Thanks!
  3. In this thread I'll post pictures of some of the entertainment on Odyssey of the Seas. First up, Showgirl! Showgirl! Past. Present. Future. is a powerful Royal Caribbean original entertainment production that can be found on a couple of Royal Caribbean ships. Other ships have a slightly different Showgirl! variation based on the technology and production equipment available on each ship. Since Odyssey is the newest ship at the moment she has all the cranes, hoists, variable stage lifts and other technology to really make this production shine. I've seen the show before and enjoyed other variations on different ships but the current cast on Odyssey of the Seas is really spectacular. In preparation for sailing Odyssey of the Seas a 3rd time I reached out to Royal Caribbean to seek permission to take photos of the entertainment on board. While some shows do have photography and/or video restrictions, Showgirl! just asks for no flash photography. Here are some of the photos from the November 15 sail date with none other than Nick Weir himself in attendance. Nick is the Senior Vice President of Entertainment for the entire Royal Caribbean Group including all brands within the group. This show was created by Nick and his very talented team.
  4. Has anyone heard what the stage show is on Anthem next month?
  5. It's 107 days out and I can finally access entertainment! So exciting! Does anyone know if I change my mind, is it easy to cancel and then reschedule? I waited so long and don't want to mess it up! Thanks!
  6. I am 68 days away from cruise on Harmony of the Seas and the Cruise Planner will not allow me to make entertainment reservations. I heard from one call rep that they were changing the entertainment lineup so that was why I could not make reservations. Does anyone know what’s going on or when I should be able to make reservations for shows on the the ship?
  7. Hi, I'm working on an academic paper about the technology used in the entertainment industry and I was looking at the Two70 degree venue on the Quantum of the Seas. Was wondering if anyone would be able to answer some questions for me?
  8. I am sure it is posted somewhere on here but can someone point me in the right direction to find the showtimes each night of the sailing. I know the Aquatheater shows can move around, so I guess what I am looking for is a general timeframe so I can make sure I plan signature dining accordingly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks B-
  9. Booked to go on our second cruise with RC later this year - 14 night med on Independence We are trying traditionl dining this time round - having done MTD on our first cruise on Navigator. We have the second seating - 8pm. Looking at previous Cruise Compasses it looks like geneal times for the shows are 7pm and 9pm. Obviously we will still be dining during the second show. Am I correct in assuming that the shows are only an hour or less, allowing us to attend the first show before going for dinner?
  10. Does anyone know what the "Headliner Show" is on Oasis? I've already gotten tickets for it but I was curious if anyone could let me know. Thanks!
  11. How long will Cats the musical be running on the Oasis of the Seas? It looks like it started in early 2015. Is it customary for these big shows to run longer than three years per ship? We are booked on Oasis in March of 2018 and were hoping to see something else.
  12. Hello All! First time RC Cruiser, I had a question regarding 2017 Theme nights or Prohibition Party on the Oasis of the Seas? Embarking 4/2/17 i've seen several posts about it from last year but I was wondering if they are happening this year as well? I looked through the entertainment and dining events/reservations and haven't seen anything about them. I would love to go to the Prohibition Party with my family in costume but I'd hate to spend the money and the event not occur. Would it be weird to buy the costumes and wear them to the casino if the party isn't happening? Thanks in advance!
  13. Does anyone know if there is a spreadsheet view on Cruise Planner of all the Oasis Entertainment? I saw one for an Allure cruise years ago. I want to see everything so I can more easily make my selections. The display options that I see Cruise Planner don't really work for me. I'm sure all of the planning nerds can appreciate my predicament ;) I may have to create my own Excel document. Thanks! Hunt
  14. Just wondering- we have My time dining reservations every night 7:30-9:30. Will I be able to make a reservation for a 9:30 show in My Cruise Planner? Anyone had experience with this? I am worried the system wouldn't allow this since they say to show up 15-30 minutes before a show starts (and we never take 2 hours for dinner).
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQ0zW-f91n8 In this video you'll see the entertainment offered on board, a look around the cruise ship, a peak that each island has to offer, and some excursions. Let me know if you have any questions about the Majesty of the Seas! I'm happy to help and would give it a 10/10.
  16. Going on a first cruise in March on the 4 night Enchantment out of Port Canaveral. What is the entertainment like on this cruise? How long before the cruise can you see the entertainment on board for that cruise through Cruise Planner? Thanks for all your help in advance.
  17. Hi there! This is my first time doing a 7 day cruise, I've been told for Liberty of the Seas one must book their entertainment (shows) in advance. Can anyone tell me when? I've been able to book character breakfast so far, but that's it. I'm afraid I'll miss my window. Thank you!
  18. Hi! I'm going on Liberty of the Sea next week and had some questions. I read a cruise compass from June and it had a "wear white" night for the Saturday Night Fever show. Does anyone know if they still suggest white? I wasn't planning on packing white in October. I packed a Halloween costume because I expect something fun for that day. I am also an avid Mets fan and I know I'll be sailing with plenty of New Yorkers. Can we safely assume the NLCS games will be easy to watch? In special locations and in our rooms? Maybe we can wear blue and orange for "white night". HA! Thanks and happy cruising everyone!
  19. I was just on CruiseCritic (which I HATE but had specific reasons for visiting) and noticed that there was a thread about entertainment reservations on the Liberty. Apparently they recently quit issuing reservations for ANY of the Liberty entertainment - theater shows, ice shows, etc. Has this occurred with any of the other bigger ships ? I know that there have never been (at least, as long as I have known) entertainment reservations for the smaller ships that have only the main theater shows...but I thought that all of the bigger ships had reservations for their entertainment shows.
  20. If you happen to see a group called Graffiti Classics advertised in the Cruise Compass, most likely during European cruises, don't hesitate to go. The advertise themselves as, "16 Strings, 8 Dancing Feet, and 4 Voices." It's something you need to see and they ended up receiving standing ovations the both times they performed on the Brilliance. I would say they were the best musical act I've ever seen aboard a ship and one of the top two headliners in all of my cruises. Check out a video of their performance here: https://youtu.be/aHdFIVqZvmY
  21. Q,, Chops Grille reserved,, Giovanni's Table reserved,, excursions over the next couple of weeks,,but for some reason, the onboard entertainment is not only a state secret, but it keeps telling me it's too far out, and to wait til I get on board. Does anyone know how to find out what to look forward to on Navigator this year ? Shows ? Comedians ? Magicians ? Clowns ? Why are they so secretive about the entertainment ? Hell, I was able to look at the menus of the specialty restaurants.
  22. Anybody have any idea if this is true, a lot of speculation on other boards, http://www.scunthorpetelegraph.co.uk/Musician-lands-dream-job-cruise-ship/story-26268255-detail/story.html I am booked on the 6th May 16 day sailing & we unfortunately don't have the option to book "The Gift" but it is open for booking on the next cruise. This article was spotted by a sharp eyed person & I have checked out the actual website & it seems authentic. Can anybody confirm? Many thanks Donna
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