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  1. FYI, I previously called and asked about Halloween (I think Matt said something too). They spoke about letting the kids trick or treat onboard (not to the cabins I'm sure) and a costume party with prizes for best costume. I don't plan to win a prize but I think it would be fun to dress up. Definitely come prepared. See you on deck! Can't wait!!! Woo hoo!!!!!
  2. Thank you Matt!!!! I remember cruising during the World Cup and they broadcasted it in a theater. I'll check and I know RCCL always has great guest services!
  3. Hi! I'm going on Liberty of the Sea next week and had some questions. I read a cruise compass from June and it had a "wear white" night for the Saturday Night Fever show. Does anyone know if they still suggest white? I wasn't planning on packing white in October. I packed a Halloween costume because I expect something fun for that day. I am also an avid Mets fan and I know I'll be sailing with plenty of New Yorkers. Can we safely assume the NLCS games will be easy to watch? In special locations and in our rooms? Maybe we can wear blue and orange for "white night". HA! Thanks and happy cruising everyone!
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