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  1. Hi - Will the cruise planner give me an opportunity to schedule and pre-pay for smaller classes and activities prior to sailing? The big shows and flow rider items were recently released for my March Oasis cruise, but wine tastings, sushi class, guacamole demonstration, etc. were not available. We are new to RC and really appreciate having access to the old cruise compasses - Thank you!
  2. Hi - We are new to RC and have really appreciated all the detailed information this blog provides! We plan to cruise the Oasis of the Seas in March with two, 16 year old girls. I'm looking for a teen version of the Compass to get a feel for their activities. Thank you!
  3. How long will Cats the musical be running on the Oasis of the Seas? It looks like it started in early 2015. Is it customary for these big shows to run longer than three years per ship? We are booked on Oasis in March of 2018 and were hoping to see something else.
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