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  1. indeed - obviously never sailed out of Southampton and cruise the med. Think we had 4 or 5 changes
  2. So the inside PLUS cabins are 1 sq ft larger than the normal inside - RC you are ripping us off big time!!
  3. biggest disapoinment of the whole cruise - a complete non event
  4. P&O new ship is ARVIA - dont want to get confused........
  5. like most thing in life, its 50/50 - i will either go or not........
  6. well said - in the uk we are testing 15 times more people than other european countries but only have the same numbers of positives per 100k
  7. Explorer for Xmas 2022 - Refreshment package at £12.92 ($17.20) + grats Was £22.12 yesterday
  8. your obviously not up early enough to see the helicopter drop them off every day......
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boaty_McBoatface
  10. will be interesting to see how it is policed as the UK are not giving people who have had the jab a covid passport
  11. P&O has been cancelled into mid April 2021 for sometime, so not a surprise. With rates rising again inEurope, i would be surprised if any cruises go in Europe until the Autumn, so if RC cancel the whole summer it wouldn't be a surprise.
  12. Unlike P&O where it has to be a new booking - all you can do is pay the 'upgrade' for an existing booking
  13. Agree with the previous post re: 'Grease' - this was very popular on indy and the queue was massive, even for the afternoon show!!
  14. When will RCL announce the itineraries for summer 2022?
  15. Spain have banned cruise ships indefinitely https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/1301949/Spain-coronavirus-holidays-travel-covid-cruise-cruises-news
  16. Just of Indy - Smoking was banned in the casino
  17. Cruise was very good - excellent ports as most walkable from the ship. Entertainment team was poor (grease/ice skating excellent)
  18. Just of Indy - 14 night Canaries and the lobster was served on Day 12 in MDR. No idea what it was like as i hate seafood, not many around us were having it either....
  19. Just off Indy. Craig Cudworth is awful and the rest of the team are just as bad. Ice skating is good, grease is good but rest of it was crap.
  20. Currently on independence. Make sure you ask for gf cookies. They keep them frozen so ask one of the head waiter to get them.
  21. Being from the UK, it amazes me how many US citizens dont have a passport. For the sake of $150 dollars why wouldn't you get one!! The same goes for the number that dont have proper cruise insurance..........
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