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  1. 11 hours ago, mom2mybugs said:

    Are you out of Miami?  You have a longer flight and I'm sure it will be fine!  We had the time since we are both off for winter breakand I'm a stressor (I'm the one who insists we are at the airport 2 hours before we leave at least!).  I actually almost did the symphony cruise and now I'm bummed we didn't so we could meet!  In the end, I liked Harmonys order of ports better.  I think I will definitely not like Harmony's solarium as much as symphony's and I still haven't done playmakers yet!  Alas... There will be other cruises.  Safe travels!!!!!   Jane

    I actually wanted HM but picked SY because we are already booked for HM 3/11/2023. That March sailing, we were booked for SY but Royal moved us to HM because SY was going into dry dock early. So that's how we ended up picking SY for 12/31/2022. 

    And yes, out of Miami.

  2. Jane, sounds like it's going to be a great trip! But now all your talk about the weather is making me nervous lol. We are sailing the SY the same day you are sailing HM (on the 31st) and Hubby and my daughter's schedule does not allow us to leave until the day before on the 30th....fingers crossed for smooth travels for both of us!

  3. 15 minutes ago, Neesa said:

    I want to put a lot of thought into this our last as a family of 3 for a long time.

    Right there with you my friend. We just deposited for a sailing on Voyager in July 2024. Go big or go home. That is the theme for 2024. Running of time and squeezing in as much as we can with her before grad and university.

  4. @NeesaI just finally went through this blog now and your cruise is already over! I feel terrible, this past week and a half has been so crazy (life and work) that I've barely been on the boards. Finally had time to sit down today to find this, oh my! At first I was so happy for your RU, and then in shock at the problems in that cabin. You and the fam have the most amazing attitude. I am happy that in the end, it was great sailing for you. We had Jamie on Indy back in2018. I have often wondered what happened to him as he is one of our favourite Cruise Directors. Hubby says that he reminds him of James Corden. I wasn't sure he came back after covid but good to see that he is still with Royal.

    Quick question, you asked the concierge about the GT and he said it was reserved and then you got the RU on it?

  5. 5 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

    I have a "hold" on an Icon Loft (SC) for 12-7-24.

    It's notable that the required down payment for this cruise is $1200 which is completely non-refundable. There is a $100 PP penalty for transferring the reservation but if you cancel outright, it will cost you the whole $1200.  YIKES !

    I have a week to pay the down payment.  Quite a decision...

    Yeah, SC on Icon requires a $600pp deposit....

    I think it will be a while before I try SC on Icon. I cannot justify the pricing for it. You should do the inaugural with us.

  6. 1 hour ago, britinbrooklyn said:

    From my research I would totally agree. I’m not sure why I would walk past so many other spots to get to that particular venue. An interior stairwell for Suite guests use would have made much more sense. 

    it’s one of the things that worries me a little with the GLS - it’s a hike to the bar if I want to get a drink (we only drink wine and mixed drinks) and don’t want to be constantly pestering the genie. 

    I agree, a stairwell would be perfect. To be honest, it a hike to get anywhere from those loft suites on Anthem, but that unobstructed aft view is so worth it! I completely loved that suite, and I don’t even like Anthem that much. But I would take those grand lofts in the back any day! 

  7. Do not take those corner lofts! @WAAAYTOOOcan tell you more about them but they are much smaller than the middle lofts. We had 10724 and loved it. I have heard mixed reviews about ones on Deck 8. Some are bothered by the noise and some are not. Guess it depends on how early you all go to bed. Here is a blog that @GregDand I did in this past summer. We had the two middle lofts on Deck 10. There are photos of the suites in the blog.



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