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  1. When are the longer sailing to the Caribbean supposed to come out? I'm currently looking for the ABC Islands sailing and i'm not seeing them.
  2. What's going on in Sept that would raise the prices of rooms? 😳 We decided to use our Marriott points since room prices are over priced.
  3. @JVPIII Check this out..https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2019/01/22/royal-caribbean-refundable-versus-non-refundable-cruise-fares if you still have questions I would recommend contacting @AnnetteJackson
  4. Is this cruise under 90 days out from sailing?
  5. That doesn't sound right. Sounds like the company that the TA works for has something written into the agreement/contract. I would steer clear of that TA/Company.
  6. Just go next door and ask your neighbor if you can use there shower 🤷🏼‍♂️but not the soap...that would be way too weird and creepy.
  7. @ransrider I was referring to the not eligible 😧
  8. I'm sure it's because we're so far out from any Airline's schedule, but have you ever seen this before?
  9. @rjac we're doing the TA and follow on cruise on Rhapsody April 24, 2021. Looking forward to that list of bars 🤣
  10. @Jake Is that you? From State Farm? 😂 I will be on the Dec cruise and Costa Rica is one of our stops..if you don't get information prior to our return..i will let you know. Sorry i couldn't resist that one! 😂🤣 Like you haven't heard it before.
  11. Has anyone found a link to the excursions, particularly in Europe? We're 508 days out and nothing is showing up right now. 😂 I just want to get a little head start on my planning 😁 This link isn't working https://www.royalcaribbean.com/booked/shore-excursions Shocking right! 🤣
  12. @Matt Interested in some Art works? 😁 I have some that would look great on your walls 🤔
  13. That's all i need, something else to sit around the house and collect dust. I need to have an art auction with all the prints that i have. 😂 I wonder if i can bring them and auction them off on my next cruise. 🤔
  14. @AshleyDillo You are correct. I took advantage of this when I booked a Carnival cruise several years ago and booked with this offer, then applied it to another Amex card, making another payment of $500 getting double offers on one sailing. 😬
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