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  1. I'm boarding Harmony of Saturday and I'm having this same debate in my head....and out loud....I think my husband is about tired of me asking him what my first drink should be. These are important decisions!!
  2. Unfortunately, it does just require some checking of the cruise planner. Not every sale is applicable to every sailing, and prices for things (like drink packages) vary from ship to ship and sailing to sailing. Check a few times per week (especially check during any holiday weekend) and book if you think the price is good. If the price on something drops, you can always cancel for a refund and purchase again for the lower price.
  3. Mimosas from room service are NOT included in the drink package. I know it kind of defeats the purpose of ordering food in, but have one person take cards to the nearest bar and grab a round of mimosas and bring them back to the room.
  4. I just assumed this was an add-on activity that you could do, similar to getting a VIP or backstage pass. I would be very surprised if they only offer paid reservations for shows, but I could see them pushing paid experiences like the one you mentioned.
  5. WOOPS. I assumed since they made the comment about the meeting for moms of teens or whatever that this was the wife. I'm obviously a great reader
  6. I generally look at CC reviews as a form of satire. 1-star reviews are hardly ever worthy of an actual 1-star rating. Most of the reviews are full of ridiculous assumptions about what cruising has been/should be, or weirdly specific incidents or quirks. It would be nice to get actual opinions about the highs and lows of specific ships or itineraries but it's pretty rare to find actual substance in reviews on most sites. As for the "hard sell" aspect of RC cruising....whatever. Honestly, I just say no and move along. It's not a vacation ruining experience. Not even going to touch th
  7. I answered "yes" to a couple of questions once, as I was coming off of a cold, and was never contacted by anyone about it. I figured it was either overlooked completely or they are only looking for the combination of "yes" to having certain symptoms and a "yes" to having visited certain regions.
  8. May 25, 2019 - Adventure of the Seas
  9. The whole ship looks nice, and they definitely have a very consistent design aesthetic throughout the ship, but from what I've heard about guest experience on MSC, I'm not sure I'm too tempted to try them out. Their prices also seem too good to be true.
  10. Seeing a slight price increase on drink packages for Feb 2018 Harmony sailing. That's all I've noticed that has changed, but it doesn't mean other prices haven't gone up, too. Glad I snagged the ultimate dining and drinks combo package for the brief period of time it was available. Easy come, easy go with the cruise planner..
  11. It's been a while since this question has been asked...what's your favorite first drink on board during embarkation day?
  12. Much to my amusement, the price on the dining + drinks combo was down a few more bucks today, ended up cancelling and rebooking for $50 less. That's some savings I can get behind.
  13. My situation right now. Booked the dining + drinks combo during the sale this weekend, now priced them out separately and since the drink package is down to $43/day it would be $9 less than the package. The cheap side of me wants to pinch every penny, but I'm not sure it's worth it for that little amount of savings
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