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  1. This is a superb find - you could do quite a few drinking games with that list!!
  2. Quick question - is anyone who is a vegan had any issues eating in the Main Dining Room? Or were you essentially forced to eat at either the Windjammer or the cafe on board? Asking on behalf of a friend
  3. On the one hand I'm so jealous about people booking these Genie suites however some random person scheduling stuff for me?? I like my vacation schedule to be like : -
  4. Does anyone know (roughly) when in March the rest of the deployment schedule will be released? Trying to gauge if #QuantumUKTime2020 will have possible 2019 plans interfering with the savings plan!!
  5. So when Royal Caribbean decide which ship to homeport in Southampton, I think that should give @Matt a good reason to sort out a Group Cruise for 2020!! Just sayin'
  6. My favourite things to do are as follows: - 1) Get a drink or two 2) Start making passive aggressive comments about how long it takes to have the room ready 3) Indulge in comfort eating to suppress said passive aggressive behaviour 4) realising you have no patience, normally after the 3rd or 4th drink from the bar despite having done 3 cruises already and this is no different from any other cruise you've done 5) thanking yourself you got the drinks package otherwise passive aggressive tendencies are going to be expensive on this trip!! 6) breathe a sigh of relief as you find the room is ready 7) attempt to sober up as you find out its almost dinner time and you have to look and act respectable Exclusively in that order I find - probably an unhealthy start to any vacation but I guess I'll just have to work hard til I get to high enough status for priority boarding like yourself!
  7. Small wonder there was no similar article for Disney Cruise Lines eh? But yes interesting article nonetheless - especially the last part, regarding names etc Good find @Sabrinaklai
  8. I'm just thinking won't Quantum be due for a dry dock? Granted she's relatively new however by the time 2020 comes along she'll be getting on for 6 years old
  9. And here was me thinking I was relatively hardcore...
  10. Granted it's 2020 but that is a WIN form the UK Thank you Michael Bayley
  11. Cabin number 6277 and 6677 in the deck plans there - man I'd be pissed if I bought a guarantee room and ended up there... Can't imagine the noise (and smell) pollution finding its way into those rooms!!
  12. Do we know yet which of the new eating options are complimentary and which are speciality? I’m talking about: - El Loco Fresh Hooked Seafood Sugar Beach Playmaker Sports Bar
  13. I’m glad to see this thread is entertaining folks as much as it made me spit out my drink whilst reading it!! on the up selling point, are people who board cruise ships THAT terrified of crew members offering stuff? I mean the crew members who are up selling things are, in my opinion, timid and rather gentle in their approach... I mean it’s not like I’m in the Windjammer and then the Izumi man rushes in, throws my plate away and shouts at me to buy Izumi Sushi until I’m verbally submitted to saying Yes its amazing in 2018, the word No is so difficult to say
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