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  1. Or someone smoking two balcony's up wind from you......
  2. Cafe Promenade / Sorrentos Bar can do bloody mary's, although they dont have a ton of fixins. Windjammer bar can do them. And as was stated sometimes they will have a dedicated table set up in the Centrum/Promenade for bloody marys.
  3. You are absolutely correct about the SCANNING PASSPORT vs typing it in. I was not labelled as expedited so i just did the passport scan (in the Royal App) and immediately after pressing continue it now shows EXPEDITED arrival. Not sure its a big deal but its great to know now.
  4. Well i am confused then. Wonder if its like the TSA pre a few years ago, random selection if criteria is met.
  5. Yearly status renewals like Airlines / Hotels may be the future of cruising (or something in between)
  6. Also i believe the picture you upload may make you eligible for Expedited arrival. My fiance and i both have passports on the check in, her picture is a closeup face shot mine was not so close up and she got expedited and i didnt. I tried to update the picture but as @AshleyDillo says, it wont save you but a minute or two.
  7. One thing to also note is that a lot of the new phones actually have two WIFI devices that you can connect to wifi and also create a hotspot with the same phone. If you read the T&C's you are not actually connecting multiple devices to the VOOM wifi so this is a grey area.
  8. Incorrect. Royal Caribbean rules do not override country specific laws and regulations when you are on that countries soil. If the drinking age is 18 in a country RCL has no oversight as to whether or not you can be served legally in that country. On the ship of course they will not serve you.
  9. Just off Enchantment last week. Not one IPA onboard the ship, no pale ale nothing with any more hops than a red stripe. We asked about it and got random answers from random bartenders as to why they didn't carry IPA. I know the bartenders do not do the ordering but they are the front lines hearing questions "Do you have any IPA's"?
  10. RCL is definitely participating in the fact that consumers are opening their wallets like never before. Sell them more "stuff" because they are willing to spend spend spend. It is evident with airlines for sure, in the past first class seats were rarely purchased and mostly avail for upgrades, today you are lucky if the entire FC cabin is not bought up with an incentive offer or mileage upgrade offer. People are definitely willing to throw more money into the pot these days. Look at RCL stock though, up nearly 30% in 8 months.
  11. Am i the only person who feels like the chicken sandwich is pretty much just like the Wendys 99 cent chicken sandwich? I know being at CocoCay and being at wendys are vastly different but am i missing something with that sandwich?
  12. You are absolutely right and I have had the same experience. In addition i found their sides to be lacking flavor and the sauces all taste similar yet different colors. Salt and Pepper go a long way on a steak.
  13. All 3 of my upcoming cruises had cheaper prices 3 weeks ago than this BF / CM fiasco. If you think about it people who do not compare prices will come to the black friday deal and see b1g1 50% deluxe bev package and immediately think its the best deal since its Black friday. Works out well for RCCL to maximize profits.
  14. I believe the only bars that will be open until 2 - 3 am is the Casino Bar and the Viking Crown (Nightclub).
  15. I would also add if you get a cup of soda at any bar the cup they put it in is just usually a pint glass which is mostly ice. Probably 6 - 7 ounces of liquid. You can definitely ask for no ice but they dont have "Big Gulps"
  16. I am going to go out on a limb here and say this place is using high end electric smokers and there will not be open flames with a pitmaster loading chunks of wood all night. With that being said their prices seem to be close to a land based restaurant. https://5065de24-72c1-47a9-bb0b-e9ba5f4e72f6.filesusr.com/ugd/5cd9eb_9427b9c8985f44439ee79d93686a64da.pdf
  17. 1) You pay for all 7 days if you buy it on the cruise planner, there is no way to opt out of that. Keep in mind your first day (embarkation day) is part of the 7. While you do not get 7 full 24 hour periods its pretty close if you board early. 2) You will often see 30% off of the packages throughout the year. 20% is the normal cruise planner price which is discounted off the ship price. With your cruise being so far away I would wait a few weeks to see what RCCL does this black friday for beverage package deals. If you see better than 20% grab it and you can always cancel / rebuy if the discount becomes greater than what you have.
  18. 14.50 per person per day for NON suites 17.50 per person per day for SUITE guests. They used to break it out and tell you the distribution but they no longer do that.
  19. My recommendation is just go to the guest services and or casino cashier to get 1's when you need them on the ship.
  20. Yes this is correct but folks seem to believe vaping isn't smoking so you will see it pretty much everywhere. Pool deck chairs, stairwells etc.
  21. Everyone thought bars / restaurants would all go under when states started to implement smoking bans indoors. That never happened. I would argue that since a great majority of people do not smoke and can not stand smoke RCL could make more money in the casinos based on increased volume of people throwing money into machines / tables.
  22. @ChrisK2793 commented 2 posts up that they let his children eat off the regular menu even with the 10.00 child rate.
  23. These holiday cruises are typically filled to near max capacity so i can understand why there is a wait list. On a sailing like this i would anticipate eating at the late dining so that you do not get your hopes up over getting MTD. These sailings usually fill up quite early and with that there is the priority of people choosing MTD / 6 pm first so there could be a long wait list that they dont make you aware of.
  24. Most of the time they will be empty because the cabin steward never ever checks these.
  25. Yes, your assumptions are correct. You will find some people in shorts in the evenings but you will also find some people complaining to the diamond lounge concierge about that. I find it funny that you can wear a goofy looking suit or silly Hawaiian shirt and you are good but the second you have shorts on in the DL someone has an issue. We all paid our way to get there, its usually HOT up there because of the number of people and the windows so let us vacation is what i say!
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