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  1. Schedule out. Just booked aqua theater suite 2 bedroom.
  2. I asked royal via twitter if they had a date to release the itineraries and they responded “ we don’t yet have a date for the itineraries to be released. Keep an eye on our site for updates. “
  3. Has anyone heard how the negotiations for the terminal are going? I was told by Royal, which their info has just been the worst, that they can’t release new itineraries on thanksgiving day due to office’s being closed and that it would be very difficult over Black Friday due to the call centers being all ready overwhelmed. So I guess next week at best.
  4. So what’s the hold up releasing the Galveston itineraries. They’ve been saying they’ll be released today for the past three days. Come on Royal I want to give you my money.
  5. Talked to a Royal Caribbean vacation planner tonight and was told they will open up Galveston 2021 schedule, beyond October, this week.
  6. You can only get one drink at a time with the package, so if he was to start buying rounds at the bar he would be paying for it. I wouldn’t think everyone in the room would get their drink package revoked due to one person, but have no experience or heard of anyone getting it revoked. Maybe someone else on here might know an official rule on revoked packages.
  7. They would never use the mobile passport. I would take the time to fill it out and when I would get to the the desk they would refuse to use it. Said it was faster for them to look at passports or the scanner for the mobile passport was down.
  8. 12/1/19 liberty 7/26/20 harmony 12/6/20 oasis
  9. I bought a set of metal straws. They came in a nice carry bag and had a cleaning brush. The paper straws are just the worst.
  10. Seem a bunch of people treat the casino as a smoking lounge. To prove my point walk through there when the casino is closed and there’s people down there smoking. You’ll even see people just sitting around during open hours not playing just taking up seats smoking. Royal really should make all indoor areas non smoking or do some serious upgrades on the ventilation system.
  11. Allure in Galveston will be awesome. Now they need to move anthem there also for longer itineraries.
  12. First time going to Mexico and we’re doing day pass at Mr. sanchos. I’ve been told to never drink the water in Mexico. Since I’m assuming the ice in the frozen drinks are made with Mexico water, should I avoid the frozen drinks or is it safe?
  13. I made diamond last cruise but never went into the diamond lounge because I’m not sure of the dress code. I figure during the evening activities slacks and a polo would be required but during the afternoon would it be against etiquette to go in wearing shorts and t shirt. Not bathing suites but khaki shorts and t shirt, walking around the ship attire. TIA for your advice.
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