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  1. Im guessing the amount of money they save on normal helpings/servings vs some people throwing away 80% of every plate they take will be considerable.
  2. You mean we finally get to eat food that hasn't been touched and put back by kids and some disgusting adults? The amount of things you can observe in just a minute or two in the buffet line (anywhere not just a cruise) is absolutely disgusting.
  3. Serenade is using Vancouver so i dont think that is possible.
  4. I'm definitely on it, booked yesterday. I look forward to meeting you. Yea I found the prices to be very reasonable. Yes taxes are about 2.5x a Caribbean cruise but I found the actual cabin rates quite attractive. I am curious to see what they do with the menus for the specialty restaurants that were aligned to the Asian market.
  5. Awesome Information. I've never been on an Alaska cruise so this sailing with the 4 stops and the Dawes glacier looked like a decent one for first time from Seattle. Maybe a nice evening at some pubs in Victoria won't be all bad, I've spent a lot of time in Vancouver so I can't imagine it's that different. Plus it's light til 930 ish in July.
  6. So it looks like they are bringing Quantum to Alaska next summer to tagteam with Ovation and Serenade. I found an interesting 7 night that i wanted some feedback from folks who have done Alaska. My question is really about the port days that look like they are over dinner hours. Do they extend dinner hours on these type dates? This itinerary looks interesting and as Twangster noted in previous posts not many from Seattle make it to ISP. Cruise Segment of Itinerary Monday - Jul 12, 2021 Day 1 Seattle, United States Depart: 4:00 pm Tuesday - Jul 13, 2021 Day 2 At Sea Wednesday - Jul 14, 2021 Day 3 Ketchikan, United States Arrive: 7:00 am Depart: 5:00 pm Thursday - Jul 15, 2021 Day 4 Icy Strait Point, United States Arrive: 10:00 am Depart: 7:00 pm Friday - Jul 16, 2021 Day 5 Cruising Dawes Glacier, United States Arrive: 5:30 am Depart: 10:00 am Juneau, United States Arrive: 1:30 pm Depart: 10:00 pm Saturday - Jul 17, 2021 Day 6 At Sea Sunday - Jul 18, 2021 Day 7 Victoria, Canada Arrive: 5:30 pm Depart: 11:00 pm Monday - Jul 19, 2021 Day 8 Seattle, United States Arrive: 7:00 am
  7. This happens a LOT with airlines. They will cancel a route completely. Put you on different Aircraft, different connections, move your seats but the BIG difference is any time this happens with an airline you have the option for full cancel and full refund due to the changes which are NOT what you agreed to in your contract with them. RCL is digging itself a bigger hole than this pandemic has already handed out.
  8. Ill say it again, short term interest free loans go a long way in paying their 250 million dollars a quarter operating costs. Should be 100% illegal
  9. My experience has been that playmakers is terrrrriblly slow for food. Wings took longer than a full 3 course lunch meal at chops.
  10. It appears that ALL of the guidelines the big names in Vegas published are just words. Ive seen many videos including this one and have had friends visit vegas already and there is little to no policing of the policies. Let us sail again!
  11. We know Nassau can handle 6 or more ships a day but their airport could never handle 24000+ people per day. Same with somewhere like Cozumel, they have been known to have 8 ships in port in Cozumel which could equate to 30,000 people coming in to board ships. Cozumel in 2019 handled 546,423 passengers at its airport. I couldnt see them doing that many people every 20 days. I love how you can go stand in line at TSA (no sanitation requirements no checks) wait for your plane, board a plane that could have close to 2000 people a day fly on it and no CDC guidelines need to be in place for this.
  12. I do not find this to be helpful, I do not find RCL to be anywhere near a scam or an international Joke but love the fact you create an Alias with the same name as your topic title. #Clever
  13. Isnt it funny how the Cruise planner cancellations or previously cancelled cruises were all instantly refunded credit yet now it takes months to refund or multiply a number x 1.25.... As far as they are concerned its an interest free loan they are sitting on. I cant imagine they have some group physically applying refunds. This math isnt hard and the data is all in a database.
  14. I call those bacon bits and i put them on my salad... ?
  15. Credit at playmakers is 20.00 as shown here on the UDP terms:
  16. Yes if you have the drink package you can use it at any of the bars on CocoCay. I believe the beach club has a bar but you must have purchased the beach club day pass to use that bar. Beach chairs are provided free and not reservable (except day beds and cabanas which cost extra and are reservable)
  17. Based on the atmosphere at the opened restaurants here in Texas, i cant imagine the policing of very public place on a cruise ship. The line for a drink would be from pool bar back to windjammer with appropriate distancing.
  18. This practice is EXACTLY what RCL wants and needs right now. They will gladly take your full payment in 2020 for a cruise in mid to late 2021. They likely know their ships wont be going out full next year and it will take years to be back to "normal" so absolutely you are giving them a 0% interest loan for say 9 - 12 months!
  19. If its on the internet it must mean its true!
  20. That first one is the Dessert sampler at Sabor. Unfortunately i think only 2 ships still have it (If they leave it on Allure since the Amplification scaleback)
  21. Welcome to Cruise Line "Resort Fees". We dont know where all the money goes but hopefully it actually gets to the employees.
  22. RCL may also already have an idea of the occupancy %'s for April and Beyond with the Cruise with Confidence cancellations that have happened. Would you fully staff a restaurant that you were fairly certain would only be at 30%?
  23. If you purchase a bottle of wine you can of course ask if they can deliver it to your room. You can obviously grab the bottle and bring it to wherever you want to or more commonly you can have it delivered to the dining room where it will be ready for you during your dinner. There are many places to buy wine on the ships, dining room has the smallest selection typically. If your ship has Vintages or specialty restaurants such as Chops/Giovannis you will find their wine selection much more robust and you are welcome to order from these places and enjoy your wine anywhere.
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