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  1. Thank you all for the responses. Great ideas. This will be a first for us with a child.
  2. So I was wonder how things work with holiday cruises with young children. Are you able to bring gifts on board? Do you just pack an extra suitcase or 2 for toys and gifts? I know my 5 year old will be disappointed if Santa doesnt show up on ship.
  3. I find that a few drinks relax me better than medication, however, I am More anxious the next morning after drinking, even at home. So theres a fine line for me.
  4. yeah I think I have seen some of the crew up there. look at this link from Sydney Browns instagram. Is this from that deck? https://www.instagram.com/p/BHNCA3Tjglt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. A lazy river sounds cool. Also laundry services are available for a small fee just not "do it yourself" laundry options. I feel like it could be a very slight advantage of having a couple washer/dryers for self service but then people would complain about it not being on a certain floor or all they way at the other end of the ship from their state room.etc....
  6. Dinner in the MDR has always seemed to take 1.5 to 2 hrs but it doesnt ever seem that long because the waiters always check on you bringing bread, drinks, appetizers etc... then dessert and coffee etc.... alot of waiters will entertain a little too with a trick or joke etc...
  7. Its so much fun to dress up. A couple times, people thought I was part of the 70's show and they made a path down the promenade for me to get thru.
  8. i never bought travel insurance until something happened. ive never booked without it since. its worth it, even if your young and in your 20's it usually covers problems with extended immediate family where you must cut your vacation short to get home. parents, grandparents etc......
  9. your gonna love it. It will seem like forever util its here
  10. i have never emailed but i have called several times and gotten a pretty quick response.
  11. I'm not sure what you are insinuating by the "MY FRIEND" comment and the laughter. Do you think i'm lying about my story? The story is true, it was a friend that was traveling with me, and nothing happened. Do you really think royal, or any cruise line for that matter would just pull your booking for being 1 day late? They can, but they don't unless you are substantially late. Just like they can deny you boarding for bringing on alcohol but they don't, they just call you to the naughty room and take the booze. They want your money, they want you to travel and spend money
  12. 2 balconies would probably be the way to go. You could open the balcony dividers and make 1 huge balcony and also have 2 bathrooms. 1 bathroom with 5 people sounds busy.
  13. Is there a list of age and/or height restrictions for the onboard activities like rock wall, water slides, flowrider etc......prior to embarkation
  14. I had a friend miss final payment before and they sent out a threatening email and he paid about 5 days late with no problem.
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