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  1. We have sailed twice starting with a land tour in Fairbanks and cruising to Vancouver, and once rt from Seattle. We liked Seattle much better, but if you have never done the land portion, it is awesome, but you will want to do it first.
  2. It used to be you got in a much shorter line. Not necessarily true these days.
  3. Front pocket, same place I carry the wallet when we are in port.
  4. Bummer. We have a no fee card, which is a good thing because we do not have a bank in our town anymore. We rely heavily on ATMs. It's not our fault most of them are in bars.
  5. For a 7 day or longer cruise, we take $200 each, because we spend a couple days in the port city before sailing. Once you are on the ship, everything but gambling and extra tips go on the sea pass and we don't gamble. We might spend some in ports. We have gotten past the Everybody back home gets a gift, stage.
  6. The ship gets in at 9:00 and sails at 6:30. We are planning time with the bros between 10:30 and 4:30. ID building is a really good idea!
  7. Thanks Ashley! teddy- My brothers are very familiar with Boston, so no problem there. We want to see the USS Constitution. My brother has it planned out for the 6 hours we will be there.
  8. No, we are on the Snowbird cruise from Quebec City down to Ft. Lauderdale. I think it is like the one Nate is on now, except they disembark in NJ. Boston is a port we are in for the day.
  9. Speaking of which, (I will start a new topic if you would like), Our Adventure Of The Seas cruise next month includes a stop in Boston. That is the largest port we have ever stopped at. It is separate from the terminal port, isn't it? Also, two of my brothers are meeting us there. Where is a good meeting spot? Thanks!
  10. No more than tipping your waiter/waitress at a restaurant back home.
  11. With mine, they automatically recalculated. When I added up all the points using 7 points instead of 1, it comes out the the number of points we have been credited for.
  12. We are 4 points away from Diamond and have a 13 day cruise coming up. I was looking at past cruises on the RCI site. Our first RCI cruise was March, 2008 Any thoughts on why we only got 1 point for it? There must be a logical reason for this, but it looks like we should already be Diamond. 7 Night Southern Caribbean Cruise Adventure of the Seas Mar 2 — Mar 9, 2008 Points earned: 1 7 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise Freedom of the Seas Feb 27 — Mar 6, 2011 Points earned: 7 After 7 years, past folios become unavailable.
  13. Some entertainers aren't on the ship for the entire cruise, let alone multiple cruises. Staff might leave for their down time, so if someone posts You have to have (Name) for your waiter or bartender, they might not be there when you sail. But, by and large, the format stays the same and view some, especially recent ones, can be a big help.
  14. I have never been disappointed in an RCI mattress. Hope that holds true next month on Adventure.
  15. We never seem to get waiters that keep my coffee cup from getting empty. We do MDR for breakfast occasionally, though.
  16. We used to do Specialty Dining a lot, but not much anymore. The MDR depends on several factors. One is the menu. I am not a gourmet food type person. Sometimes time is a factor and Windjammer always has something good and pretty quick. Otherwise, we like MTD.
  17. I always figured the Schooner Bar was an escape room.
  18. All I know is, somebody screwed up. This wasn't Melbourne. This was a much smaller town north of there. And yes, shops really were closed. They were scheduled to open later than our tour was going to be there. We never did get to actually see Melbourne, so it is no knock on your city. We started out in Perth for 2 days and it was 104 degrees. The day before we left for the cruise, we had 19" of snow. One constant on this cruise was that the people at every port were really friendly. Except maybe for a barista in Sydney that didn't want to give me a cup of black coffee.
  19. For us, flight home is usually determined by the airlines. We fly Delta out of Green Bay, WI and it is not often we get good flight times.
  20. You have "best month" in the header. We have been twice in May and once in August. We much preferred May. We saw much more wildlife both times. Have not been on Ovation Or Rhapsody, but we have been on Vision, which is the same class as Rhapsody. We loved that one.
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