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  1. Is the inland tour an excursion you book with RCI? Or is this a sailing with a land tour included? I’m intrigued.
  2. In anticipation of the upcoming release of 2021 sailing dates for Alaska, I’m trying to decide between sailing out of Seattle or Vancouver. I’ve been to both cities before and love them, what I’m wondering is if one sailing offers more must see sights vs the other? Any insights would be welcome!
  3. So I am a huge coffee drinker, I love to start off my day first thing with a hot hot cup of coffee with just a splash of creamer. I know there are no coffee machines in the rooms and you can order room service for coffee in the morning. But how hot will it be when it arrives? And how good is it? Also, does anyone know what type or brand of coffee is served in the Windjammer or non-Starbucks cafes? I like my coffee strong and simple. I love Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (the Target brand one is a fave- yummy and cheap). I am worried that I will be out to sea for days without getting my caffeine fix. Any insight is appreciated!
  4. Oh great! Thanks!! Yes, that’s how I was listening to the podcasts- on ITunes. Glad to know they are available on the blog. Excited to hear the other episodes.
  5. Hello! I’ve been listening to the podcasts and am almost all caught up on the available podcasts, which are podcast episodes 219 to the present. Does anyone know how to listen to the older podcasts from the beginning? Thanks!
  6. We are sailing on the Adriatic and Italy on Rhapsody of the Seas, sailing on Halloween night!
  7. We are sailing on the Adriatic and Italy on Rhapsody of the Seas, sailing on Halloween night!
  8. Hello all! New to the forum but a huge fan of the blog and podcast. My first cruise with Royal is not until a year away. I’ve been listening to the pod to get ready and plan. I enjoy planning for the cruise even if it’s over a year away. Looking forward to learning more from everyone!
  9. We are sailing on Halloween night next year with the kids. Anyone know if there may there be trick or treating onboard?
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