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  1. For the August 2nd sailing NorthStar opened 66 days before and iFly 21 days before sailing aprox.
  2. Beautiful place Tulum! Here's a picture I took a couple of years ago.
  3. @twangster In your experience What time slot for the North Star paid option would be best for the Dawes Glacier?
  4. And if you sail to Alaska there is the option 4. Voom 1990's Internet Speed at the price of Surf + Stream
  5. I remember a few years ago I was 19 sailing on Majesty Of The Seas out of Miami. Obviously I couldn't drink (I was legally allowed in my country since 18) and RC had started selling the soda packages but only to passengers under 18 or 17 (I didn't understood why) so I was left in drink Limbo.
  6. I haven't done the tubing but Bacalar it's a beautiful place! If you have the chance to go on any excursion do it! Check this video!
  7. He mentioned something about they should bring more guards if they wanted to hold him. That sounds like a threat to me. He might have got violent at certain point. Even the lawyer says he doesn't have a case!
  8. Just Saw the video. I think that or NCL blowed the situation out of proportion or this man isn't telling the whole story. A simple argument doesn't seem to be enough to get you kicked out of the ship.
  9. The port itself isn't pretty, but if you go to the vineyards in the area you could enjoy very much, there are beautiful places around. Los Cabos authorities should construct a port with large docks. Tendering usually drives away many cruisers. Puerto Vallarta is finishing a new port terminal and there is a lot to do and see in the area. The old town is very nice. I would avoid Mazatlán and Acapulco. But there are other nice options like Huatulco. I think there is a lot of market, Voyager class should be an excellent choice for RCI to do Pacific cruises.
  10. Wow! You may disagree with someone but calling him/she a loser isn’t cool.
  11. Agree. I wouldn't like to be treated like this if this was my first time posting something on this forum...
  12. Don't listen to them. Not all of us here at royalcaribbeanblog are like that. Is sad to see how some people on this board has become more and more hostile like the usual members of the "other site". Please don't be discouraged by some people who only appears to be trolling. I completely agree with all that you said.
  13. Just let it go, I don't think it worth the hassle. Being one room apart is not that bad. Enjoy your cruise!
  14. I totally understand your problem. This is an error, a mistake by the RC IT department. This shouldn't happened. And the answer you got from customer services was awful and didn't helped at all. Instead of recognize an error and fix it for you they wanted to charge you more. It's simply outrageous. I think that cancel that booking was your bets choice. I agree. You should give it a try with a TA, your experience will be totally different. I hope you can sail and enjoy your first cruise as you deserve! Greetings!
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