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  1. If you are familiar with the use of an iPhone I highly recommend you to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 (not the PRO version). It has 2 great cameras and it's easy to use!
  2. You should consider Tulum ruins also 😉
  3. Our instructor was the same guy who operated the North Star when we use it, I believe I saw him on the flowrider also 🤔
  4. Well...Princess has hotels in Alaska 😎
  5. Sure, just contemplate at least 2 hours before "all aboard" time to take a Taxi back to the ship. Traffic jams are very common.
  6. The Helicopter Glacier Trek hands down has been the best excursion I've ever made. It's expensive but it's worth every penny!
  7. What's the problem people report of deck 7 aft cabins in Voyager Class ships?
  8. I thought it was going to be a boring port stop but it's a beautiful city, I enjoyed it very much!
  9. Just be careful because I did the exact same thing. Purchased the Refreshment package, then cancelled and purchased the Deluxe Packaged. When I boarded my SeaPass card had written that I had the refreshment package so I had to go to GS to fix that.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't understand Why are you upset with RC because you forgot to buy a Drink Package when the price was reduced due a promotion that now it's expired...
  11. If they can change itineraries in one day (changing ports) because of the weather I don't see why they can't do the same here.
  12. Last year on HOTS at embarkation at Boleros buying our WOW bands, they didn't have bands with our Muster station so the gave us whatever muster they found and told us that it was ok.
  13. For the August 2nd sailing NorthStar opened 66 days before and iFly 21 days before sailing aprox.
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