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  1. You forgot one of the biggest... "sharing drink packages" 🤣
  2. I agree. I think that Hyatt Ziva is the one exception. Still, 30 min each way isn't close as other beaches in other ports. 😉
  3. Almost every Beach or similar excursions involves a loooooooooooong bus ride from and to the ship (some of them more than an hour long one way) I would stay on the ship 😉
  4. On Harmony while on Cozumel there were a lot of people (and I mean A LOT) with visitor badges (Travel Agents and special guests) everywhere. I don't see the logistic nightmare, it seems that RC knows how to handle this kind of situation very well.
  5. Last year I sailed on Harmony and I had to use Royal iQ, now I see that Harmony doesn't use it anymore and now uses the new app. I wonder if RCI will include Ovation on the new app before Alaska Cruise season...
  6. I experienced something similar a few months ago. Waited almost 20 minutes to get greeted. Then other 15 minutes to the waiter to arrive. Other 30 minutes to the starters to arrive. Then other 20 minutes waiting for the main course until we gave up and just left. No one there seemed to care, and there were only about 5 or 6 tables in the restaurant.
  7. Same for my August Ovation cruise. It's too much for something that isn't described correctly on the Cruise Planner. It states things like " Reserved VIP seating at shows in the Main Theater, AquaTheater and Studio B" Ovation doesn't have AquaTheater or Studio B!... It says nothing about North Star, SeaPlex or IFLY
  8. I will be there on August and just reserved the Helicopter Glacier trek. I agree, not cheap. Hopefully it will be worthy. Your choice sounds great too, but a little more expensive than the one I choose. 😉 Has anyone taken any of these tours?
  9. I didn't reserve it through RC. It's an external company. Here's the link: https://www.diyjeeptours.com/
  10. Thanks Matt! I really like the idea of having a "tour" at my own pace. In my case we're only 4 in one Jeep following no one, so it sounds it will be a nice adventure!
  11. I don't mind. I was just responding to the original post. The updated post surely clarifies that indeed the Key is almost fleet wide.
  12. I have never been to Skagway but based on what I've read I have a reservation for DIY Jeep Tours. My plan is to take the recommended route to Emerald Lake. Does anyone had taken this self "tour" ? Would you recommend it?
  13. With a fleet of 22 ships I'm not sure 4 ships could consider "almost fleet wide".
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