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  1. This was a great blog! Thank you!!! I really enjoyed it. NCL Bliss also tender in Los Cabos, how do they manage the tendering of double the passengers than VOS?
  2. Last August on Ovation half of the nights the Music Hall was closed because of a "Private Function" and they also closed the two70 a couple times... It wasn't a chartered or partial chartered cruise. I agree with you, it's infuriating, there are some venues that shouldn't be closed for private functions on a non chartered cruise.
  3. Ice in almost all restaurants and venues in México is made with purified water (not tap water), so it's pretty safe.
  4. Yes, I tried a few times even when I found a free spot on the app and the answer was always the same. Only one time per guest. Lucky ones those on Star Class!
  5. And for iFly they check if you have already been there on that sail. They won't allow you to "ride" two times in one sail.
  6. I think this photo confirms that they have upgraded the door locks to RFID https://www.diariodecadiz.es/2019/10/29/noticias-provincia-cadiz/Obras-buque-Oasis-of-the_1405069905_111901745_1011x569.jpg
  7. I think it's going to be a nightmare to get back on the ship on Santorini... Imagine 5000 passengers plus passengers from other ships trying to get from Fira to the pier to take their tender. It's going to be a looooooooong line on the cable car.
  8. Yes because at first I trusted them, but I became suspicious after they gave me the FCC one or two days before the cruise ended.
  9. On June 30th 2018 my wife and I sailed on Harmony of the Seas, we were on cabin 12720. Since the first night we started to wake up because of the itch of some kind of bug bites on the legs. We went down to guest services at 4 or 5 AM and showed the bites to them. They sent us to the infirmary where the Dr. confirmed they where bug bites. We were placed temporary on another room while they were searching the room. Later that day they told us they didn't found anything but they gave us 50% FCC... weird...
  10. Wow.... this officer has a lot of patience!! I couldn't stay this calmed in front of rude passengers like these... this passenger is obviously trying to provoke a reaction while filming with his cell....
  11. It does have an Aqua Theater, Flowrider and the Ultimate Abyss
  12. 3,119 phones replaced in staterooms Does some cabins have more than one phone? Because there are only 1643 cabins. 2,174 mattresses and 1,643 TVs changed in guest staterooms I thought that almost all cabins had at least 2 mattresses, it seems that they are not changing them all
  13. If you are familiar with the use of an iPhone I highly recommend you to upgrade to the new iPhone 11 (not the PRO version). It has 2 great cameras and it's easy to use!
  14. You should consider Tulum ruins also 😉
  15. Our instructor was the same guy who operated the North Star when we use it, I believe I saw him on the flowrider also 🤔
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