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  1. If it's the Snorkel and Maho beach excursion I wouldn't take it. They sail to the small bay where the beach is but you can't swim out to stand in the beach, all the planes you see you see them either from the water or from the boat.
  2. Disney has been doing this with their PhotoPass service for years. It's so convenient just to open your app and select the photos you like or purchase the full package even after your trip had ended.
  3. Once I got the Deluxe Stingray City Sandbar - GCI3 reserved. We got off the ship and looked out for our Shore excursion number but couldn't find it. I reached to a crew member from another tour and she told me my excursion was canceled due high winds... I walked out the pier and found a local tour company that took me to the Stingray City and had a blast! The sea wasn't as calmed as you wanted but still was very fun.
  4. How soon before a cruise you would recommend to do the check in process? I'm kind of obsessive and always do it as soon as it opens but I don't know if this is good or bad.
  5. I have to agree on Bamboo Beach. The beach was nice but the time on the bus getting to/from there was excessive, and you have only a couple of hours to be on the beach. I would add to avoid almost any Atlantis tour on Nassau
  6. Again, I don't know where this argument comes from. This has never been discussed or considered by mexican authorities ever!
  7. Why would we do such thing? That would be crazy, it will never happen. Retaliation has never been an option for mexican political relationship with USA. Don't let the exaggerated media discourage you from traveling. Touristic areas, specially Cozumel are extremely safe.
  8. And KFC = Kentucky Fried Chicken 🤣Sorry
  9. I think it depends on the ship you will be sailing. For Oasis class it seems very clear the benefits but for Quantum class ships it doesn’t states if iFly, Bumper Cars, North Star and other venues or activities are included...
  10. The problem is that by mexican law no one is obligated to accept USD, they do it because is better for tourism. Because of that is better to know the current exchange rate so there is no chance someone will try to take advantage of you.
  11. On what Cruise Planer section is iFly?
  12. This only applies to some touristic áreas like Tulum, not all México. The exchange rate vendors will give you isn't that good. If you want you could change some Pesos buy you will be fine with USD.
  13. This is strange... for my Ovation cruise on August 2nd reservation for Pixels opened Today... but no sign of iFly or NorthStar
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