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  1. 100% agree here. I'd be fuming!!! Escalate is the corporate buzz word you need to use. Tell the tier one person (typically the first person you speak with) that you need to escalate this to on onshore (USA)supervisor. They changed your cabins to accommodate someone else or someone else's mistake. They can undo it too.
  2. Awesome...I'm glad everything worked out. The VIP charge. Is that on top of normal admission?? https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us/tickets-packages/vip-experience/vip-guided-tours?__source=ps..psra..dr..cuors..cna..vvip..len..adv..ipna..exna..pna..pous..cuo..pbg..trna..onof&s_kwcid=AL!4228!10!77653127084659!77653260630818&ef_id=XLhtjgAAAG0hyTve:20191002200917:s#VIP-Guided-Tours
  3. Thee will be too much to do. You won't have a chance to do it all and relax. Check out the Cruise Compass section on here and find a Harmony CC and you'll see all there is to do.
  4. Zero issues. We got onboard and went straight to Chops and they mad ALL the reservation. Do it first thing. People get all excited and for to do it first thing.
  5. Do Park Café and save yourself all that anxiety. WJ on embarkation day is nothing I care to do ever again.
  6. I've had them on MSC but it took some explaining. "ok...ummm...I want one beer but two glasses...."
  7. Dr. Pepper shot. Drop a shot of Amaretto in to a 1/2 glass of beer and slug it down. Amazingly incredible!! Honestly, I was blown away...it tastes like DP!!!!
  8. I have PoA booked for April 2022. Any insight or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I have 20+ watches. Watch prices are set by the manufacturer and haggling for a deal is difficult. Watch out (LOL) for the Invicta deals. 75% off sound fantastic but you can score much better deals on EVINE for Invicta . Perfect example, I have one Invicta that I get many compliments on. (I'll post picture later) I se it on the ship for retail $995.00. They offer 75% off. so it's about $250.00 out the door with no tax. sounds great. WELL, I got the exact same watch from EVINE for $70.00...in a set of three watches, all similar style totaling $210.00ish. I also have a Philip Stein that Di
  10. Hey folks, Quick question. What are the cabins numbers of all the Central Park Oversize/Double size Balcony rooms? I'm looking to book and the best deal for balconies on the date are the CP Balconies.
  11. A great drink that'll knock your socks off and tastes great....Red Headed Slut. Jägermeister, peach schnapps, Cranberry juice. You typically get it as a shot but get it on ice. A+
  12. Be careful with the Trolley. We stayed at the Embassy Suites (highly recommend) in 2015. The trolley stop is RIGHT THERE. made it to the port in minutes BUT when we returned, with ticket for trolley in hand, the trolley was not running until 11AM BOOOO...WALK back to Embassy suites to pick up a rental car... 20 minutes dragging luggage along the way.
  13. In the past I have had very heavy carry on bags and have just walked my happy behind to my cabin and dropped it in the cabin (Seapass was given beforehand) My steward was cleaning and told me I should not have been there. He really didn't care. I just put the 5 carry on bags (Royal Family Suite - 8 People) in the closet an walked back to the Prominade. is it right...no. Can you do it...sure.
  14. I was thinking a similar thing the last few months with our Labor Day cruise on Enchantment out of Galveston Tx. VERY little info is available on this site. I wanted to add more content for people looking to sail out of this mediocre city. I blogged the cruise but further more I added a bunch of info about this under utilized CHEAP port to sail out of. @Matt Is it possible to add a "TAB" to the message board that just says "PORTS". Then either sub tabs for every port or just let the locals make city posts "Galveston" "Miami" "Progreso" etc. this will make it easier to find info on a pa
  15. Is someone forcing perspective?? longest cabins in the fleet!! and doors that no way fit the closet they are attached too. Love it!!
  16. Never seen any lockers and never needed to worry about people stealing.
  17. We got one on our Alaskan Cruise on Explorer last Sept. We liked it...Especially our 9 month old did. He was able to sit on the seating area and just watch the world go by without us worrying like we would with an actual balcony. The noise factor is very minimal during that dance parties they have on the Prominade.
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