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  1. Thank you everyone for the comments and ideas. We were 'choose your own room' so we did pay the higher price to pick specific rooms. We did that because of the large group of us travelling together and we wanted to be all on same floor/next to each other plus the adjoining rooms was the big push why we chose our own. I plan to try all avenues listed in all the above posts this afternoon after work. I welcome any addt'l suggestions people have as well just in case I don't get anywhere this evening. Thank you for all the tips!
  2. Yes, on the Oasis. We are the first sailing after the AMP so doesn't give me a lot of confidence all the bugs will be worked out. Heck, it may not even be ready to sail on time.
  3. They claim the have ZERO adjoining rooms left. I agree, doesn't matter how many you book in each room b/c can figure it out once you get on, but they claim they don't have ANY adjoining left. I agree as well, that other travelers must be wanting the rooms we had originally been booked in and they're configuring them to suit their needs and bumping us around. Doesn't seem right, especially when travelling with kids, the adjoining is so important for safety reasons of keeping an eye on them.
  4. New to the blog but wanted to see if this was commonplace with RC and if we had any recourse. Booked (directly through RC, no travel agent) 7 day cruise out of Miami this November over a year ago because we are traveling with 12 plus family members and wanted to get rooms in a row/somewhat close together AND make sure we had 2 adjoining rooms for my husband, I and our 4 kids. Booked all oceanview balconies in a row and thought we were set. RC has changed our rooms twice already over the past year and we were lucky enough to find 4 together w/ the 2 that adjoined each time we got moved.
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