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  1. We'll be boarding Radiance in Seward on May 27, the day you disembark. We're taking the train down from Anchorage and will arrive in Seward around 11AM and walk over to the pier from there ... just in time for lunch in the Windjammer!
  2. Has anyone heard any details regarding Royal Caribbean's "More to Love" Ship Enhancement Program; certainly less advertised than the bigger, longer planned Refurbishments Pregram. I recently came across a revitalization schedule that shows Royal Caribbean's planned ship refurbishments. The schedule includes some of these low key "More to Love" Enhancements. I'm particularly interested in learning anything about the enhancements planned for Radiance in May 2016. I will be sailing her south-bound in Alaska on May 27 2016. I have noticed a gap in Radiance sailing schedule once she reaches Vancouver (following her transpacific crossing) and right before she starts the Alaska season - dry docking in Vancouver. Looking forward to some new sparkling surprises once I board! I'm hoping the enhancements include VOOM :-)
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