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  1. This will be our first trip to Labadee: 1) can I feel pretty safe about letting two good 15 year olds roam on their own? 2) I missed out on the all day access to the dragons tail coaster. What are the chances of us getting it on board? 3) we did get a cabana at nellies beach. Are they scattered or easy to find ( as in a home base?). Thx.
  2. How does it work if I were to get my dr to write a letter explaining a family member was quite ill and needed my care. And completely leaving grandmas situation out of it. Btw...we have two cabins.
  3. We are going on a 7 nights cruise (Allure of the Seas) in July. My teenage son is bringing a friend. We just recently found out that his grandmother has been diagnosed with cancer. Our final payment is due next week. I hate to ask the friend's mom too many questions, so I'm trying to think ahead to travel insurance in the event that grandma passes away. What travel insurance would you recommend and any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Looking for information on the cabana's on Nellie's beach. Originally had an over the water then changed it to a beach cabana. The over the water looks beautiful, but I'd rather have easier access to the beach and activities. Having never been there before, I hope I made the right choice. Also, looking at the Dragon's waterslide, the coaster ride, and aqua park - these all seem to be for one hour or single ride....is there an "all day" for any of these and I am just missing it? TIA.
  5. Taking our first RC cruise in July on Allure of the Seas. Found a reasonably priced return flight out of FLL leaving at 11:23. Called RC, they discouraged any flight before 11:30. Will we encounter a problem, will we be rushed? We're open to taxi, uber, shuttle as we haven't made any arrangements getting to the airport yet. Tia.
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