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  1. hey guys just got back from freedom of the seas,cruise,,it was fantastic,,but I want to warn every one about two unscrupulous characters on the ship,,,,they work in the Regalia jewerly store,,,Tyson is the name of one of the guys the other guy goes by the nickname Vin...they tried to sell me a diamond ring for $14,000 dollars,,I hesitated and they brought the price down to $8,000 dollars,,I was still suspicious,,so at final they sold it to me for $6,700 dollars,,,no tax remember? they swore it would be worth more in the states and to prove it gave me a certificate ( not GIA Certified ) that if I found it to be worth less they would make it right...I have called Kallati jewelery the company who makes the ring,,no response..the ring has apprasied for $3,200 dollars GIA certified in the states,,have called Royal Carribean,nothing they can do for me....please do not buy any jewelry from regalia,,or Royal Carribean you will be sorely dissapointed and will have no avenue for relief,,they know once you step foot off the ship,,your recourse for satifaction is severly limited....these two guys re highly polished and know how to sell the problem is the stuff they are selling is close to worthless........
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