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  1. So if your departing from Singapore to Beijing the solarium will be off limits for Emerald and below? Or is it just in Chinese waters?
  2. BEWARE!! Correct me if I am wrong but I think you are liable for the full deposit if you cancel after paying the initial £1 deposit
  3. When I tried to change my booking last year i was told that i would loose my deposit of £300. The saving was less than the deposit so i left it.
  4. One tip for booking Sabor on freedom. They offered me a 20% reduction and free margaritas on the 3rd day of both of my back 2 backs 2 weeks ago, not sure if this is the norm. The waiters were out touting for business most days. So it might be a good idea to wait and book on board if anyone interested in going.
  5. Hold the bus! I am working my way to diamond + as quickly as i can.
  6. According to this test its drink package every time :) :)
  7. Offer is across the board, but take note! the delux drinks package was the same price (on my cruise in Nov) before the promotion. they say that its 25% off "ON BOARD PRICES" So no savings to be made.
  8. It would be fantastic to have an Oasis class ship home ported in Europe.
  9. Hi all Was just wondering if there was anyone here going either Nov 20th - 6 night or Nov 26 - 8 night. We are looking forward to our first visit to the Caribbean
  10. Hi I am sailing on Freedom November 20th on a 6 night and 8 night back to back. If anyone is cruising before these dates would you mind posting an up to date cruise compass. Thanks
  11. Rhapsody of the seas October 7th 2017
  12. Just got a great deal Rhapsody of the Seas Oct 7th 2017
  13. Sounds like a good idea Matt, the cost of car rental is around 35 bucks for the day. Maybe cost a lot more than that for storage and cab fares around.
  14. Hi all, Is there somewhere at Port Everglades where we can store our cases for the day? Our return flight is not until 11pm, it would be great to have a look around Fort Lauderdale before heading off to the airport.
  15. Hi Can you pre book Uber for when you disembark (14 days in advance) or do you have to book it on the day? I was kind of hoping that the car would be waiting for me as i got off the ship.
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