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  1. We cruise from Miami almost every year in February (couple from San Juan). It is almost always in the 70's and sunny. Perfect!
  2. Thanks! Good to know I'm not the only one. I thought it was personal.
  3. I am having trouble accessing new sailings. Last week, I couldn't see the short Caribbean sailing until Wednesday. This morning, I tried to find the longer sailings that are supposed to be released this week and I cannot find anything. Is this just me? Is there an ongoing problem releasing cruises on the RC website? Also, in the past, I thought there was a list of the new sailing being offered. Does anyone know if that list is available? Thank you in advance!!
  4. Agree! Barrachinas in Old San Juan will hold your luggage for free in a back room. They do a great job and only asks for tips ;). Besides, it’s a great excuse to stop for their amazing pina coldas!
  5. From what I can see, walking through the hallways and “sneak peeking” in rooms, they all look upgraded. I haven’t seen any that aren’t, but have heard passengers saying that not everyone’s room has the new decor. It does seem like the majority received some type of upgrade though.
  6. Yes. All the loungers do look new. Some are the traditional blue, while others are a red stripe.
  7. Thank you! Yes we have a full aft JS. We love them with or without the structure.
  8. I’ve heard from other passengers on board that not all rooms were redone. Can’t get a handle on which ones “made the cut.”
  9. On board now! Ship looks great. Here are pics of our junior suite aft! All new carpet, furniture, and bedding.
  10. Thanks, Matt! We actually went ahead and changed our sailing to the Adventure of the Seas leaving the same day. Better itinerary for us!
  11. Our February 12, 2018, Empress sailing changed itineraries and is now going to Coco Cay instead of Labadee. Never been to Coco Cay and there seems to be a lot of different information out there about the new South Beach area. I've read bungalows and beds get all the same amenities, including lunch delivered and drink service. I also read that maybe a buffet was added in that area, so lunch delivery is not necessary? What are the main differences between the bungalows and beds (besides number of guests), if any? Thanks!!
  12. It is also available for the Adventure sailing Feb 12th. Surf and stream offer is definitely a big savings! Woohoo! :)
  13. I hadn't realized that NONE of the cabins were refurbished. I hope room refurbs are on the plan for the 30 day dry dock in January. Fingers-crossed!!
  14. I know this thread is a couple of months old now, but we are actually booked on the new Feb 12-17 Adventure of the Seas sailing. It will be the first one out of dry dock and I wasn't really worried about it, because I thought most major renovations were done during the Bahamas dry dock incident. Will all the cabins be updated, or are they already updated? I was hoping to never see the old sea green and salmon colors again! :)
  15. Would you please pm me the link also? It would come in handy for future bookings. And since I used Michelle on my last booking, probably very appreciated! ;).
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